REVIEW: Pro Path Putting Mirror

Practice!? You talking Practice!?

Yep, I’m talking practice with the new Pro Path Putting Mirror. has several products worth looking into and I’m looking at making my putter better with the Pro Path Putting Mirror. We all know that putting accounts for a large part of our score when golfing, but how much time do you spend practicing it? Since I got the Pro Path Putting Mirror, I’ve dropped my average putt total by 2 strokes per round. The key to getting better is practice with a purpose, which is just what this mirror does. A practice tool needs to do a few things to be worth buying and using and everything you need is included in this one.

First – Easy to Set Up
From the word go, this is as easy as it gets. Open the box, put the mirror on the ground, point toward your target and begin putting. You can secure the board to the green with Tees or use it indoors without Tees. I like how the Pro Path Putting Mirror can be used inside or out, since I live where courses are closed for nearly 5 months of the year.

Second – Easy to Use
There are endless versions of putting aids, but the Pro Path Putting Mirror has several added features that will help improve your putting very quickly. The Mirror has holes to put a tee on either side of the putter head. This will allow you to work on a putting stroke that may wander off line going back or on its way thru the ball during the stroke. There is also a series of four holes straight back where a tee can be used to help work on the length of your putting stroke. I really like this feature because the longer my stroke gets the further off line it gets. Don’t worry if you are a straight back and thru putter, you can still use the tees as markers on a straight path.

Third – Tools to Getting Better
The Pro Path Putting Mirror also comes with Putting Gates in 4 Staggered sizes to help narrow your focus and create a more precise roll. I started using Putting Gate #2 (65mm) right away. I really like how you get instant feedback if the ball rolls a little right or left of the intended target. The putting gates are a great way to see your alignment and pace are working together. The better the ball is rolling, the smaller the putting gate you use. The largest Putting Gate #3 is perfect for beginners looking to make improvements in putting very quickly.

Lastly – Easy to Clean up and Travel
Taking the tees out of the ground, putting the mirror and gates in the included carry bag is a snap. The board fits nicely into the larger side pocket on my golf bag, so it just stays with me to practice putting before each round. I’ve noticed a major improvement on pace and line since I’ve started using it, so I make sure to have it with me every time I play.

The Pro Path Putting Mirror is a value purchase that will help focus your putting practice and reduce your putts per round. The Mirror is very sturdy and easy to set up, take down and travel with. Whether you are looking for a warm up tool or an in-depth breakdown of your putting stroke, this is the Putting Mirror for you.

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Quick Hits
+Sturdy and Lightweight
+Easy to Use
+Multiple Aspects to Practice Putting

–Do Not Use with Direct Sunlight