REVIEW: ProAdvanced ProReturn X2 Hitting Net

More Practice = More Better
Golf is like every other sport, you can’t expect to show up for the game and be better than the last time you played unless you practice in between.  Golf requires precision and practice is really the only way to get that precision ingrained in your muscles.  Your practice options include hitting buckets upon buckets of range balls, playing on the course multiple times and using some rounds as practice, going to a simulator or installing a hitting net at your home.  ProAdvanced ProReturn X2 Hitting Net is that last option which in the long run costs the least and is the most convenient.  If you practice more, you will get better.
More Practice=More Better comes with a caveat, your practice needs to be good.  By that I mean, if your swing is a mess, make sure you take some lessons before hitting 9 million balls into a net.  Potentially even a bad swing will benefit from more practice.  From my years of coaching and playing with thousands of random golfers, one issue that seems to plague golfers is consistent contact.  If you can get the clubhead to “bottom out” at the ball with the ball in the center of the face, you will be a better golfer.  Chucks and thins kill your score, as do heel and toe hits.  Even if your path is a little off, or your swing isn’t mechanically sound, if you find the center of the face with whatever consistent swing, you can quickly learn how to play “your” swing.  The ProAdvanced ProReturn X2 Hitting Net can allow you such practice time.

The ProAdvanced ProReturn X2 Hitting Net is a compact, foldable net you can take just about anywhere, can store easily in just about any closet, yet pops-up for catching golf balls in your backyard, or even indoors if you have garage or basement space for such net.  A big key to this net is how lightweight it is and how quickly it can be folded and unfolded.  The 6′ x 9′ design feels large once it is opened, but folded is like 36″ circle.

The only slight issue is the shape of the hitting area since it is kind of pyramid shaped, the high right and high left shots could potentially miss the net.  While it is suggested to stay close to the net for hitting all shots, I’d be careful with wedges.  I’d also be careful with drivers from the potential “pop-up”, but outside of a cage, no hitting net can catch those.

The ProAdvanced ProReturn net is the fastest and easiest net I’ve ever used for getting up and down quickly.  If you don’t want to assemble anything, nor do you want to take 30 minutes getting a net up, this is the best solution I have found.  Literally 30 seconds it was up and about 1 minute to take it down. I’m sure I might be able speed that up the more times I take it up and down.

You simply can’t get better without practicing.  The ProAdvanced ProReturn X2 Net lets you do that at home, in your garage, house or backyard.  In AZ I prefer the backyard.  I can set it up on my concrete slab, hit off a mat and the ball trickle back to me after each hit.  While I can’t see my down range flight, with my FlightScope I can track what the shot was going to do on my iPad.  It is a pretty simple equation:  More Practice = More Better

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Quick Hits:
+Fast set-up and take-down
+Large hitting space
+Practice anywhere you can swing
+Ball return
+Double netting catches shots

–Pyramid shape could miss errant shots