Review: Puma Biofusion Spikeless Mesh Golf Shoes

Fusing together style, comfort, and support into one shoe.
Puma has really been stepping up its game when it comes to golf shoes.  They’ve always made some of the most stylish shoes, but recently have really pushed the function aspect of their shoes.  Their street styles, the spikeless styles and their traditional styles have all been fused together in the Biofusion Spikeless Mesh Golf Shoes.
They are pure Puma style.  The bright colors, bold logos and stylish shape are very young and fun.  The blend of materials like mesh, rubber, and plastics all work in a very hip, trendy sort of way.  The grey, white and lime green really stand out nicely in a crowd.  They style is athletic based rather than saddle shoe based.  They look like a modified running shoe.  The FAAS lites were pure running shoes, these have a more walking/running shoe look.  I found I could wear these with golf attire or jeans.  Being spikeless they found a good deal of time on my feet on and off the course.

Puma fused a whole bunch of practical features into these shoes making them great for golf.  The first one that I am a fan of is the zero rise from toe to heel.  I’ve become a big fan of the more natural balance, barefoot like, sole of shoes that don’t raise the heel.  Pair that with spikeless soles and you have a great walking shoe.  Especially because the outsole is so flexible.  The sole is a softer rubber and really flexes with each step or movement of the foot.   I felt like they offer amazing traction for “spikeless” shoes.  The thin lugs really dig into the turf, but yet are short enough walking on pavement or indoor flooring felt normal.

The uppers are also very functional, the waterproof mesh is very comfortable and the rubber webbing offers a nice tight fit.  The soft insoles have a good amount of cushion while there is some arch support too which often is isn’t found in zero drop shoes.

Puma has many names for all the features they have included in these shoes (as you can see below), but regardless of the names, they are all fused together nicely in a really comfortable shoe right out of the box .  I picked these up at the PGA show in Orlando and have worn them golfing on vacation and around town.  I’ve been really impressed by their comfort and function.  18 holes is no problem with these from day one.  I did notice that I ended up in a 1/2 size bigger than normal, it seems they run just a touch smaller.  I’m typically a 9.5 in Puma shoes, but these are a 10.  They are also on the narrow side so make sure to try them on to get the proper fit.

They are lightweight, breathable, yet waterproof and  comfortable from day one; They are true Puma style.  These shoes fused together numerous features to make one stylish, comfortable supportive and functional golf shoe, both on and off the course.

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Quick Hits:
+Puma style
+Waterproof and breathable

–Might be too bright for more traditional golfers