Review: PUMA Cell Fusion Golf Shoes

Comfort for any surface
Shoes are Puma’s bread and butter.  They have been making high quality, stylish shoes for years.  More recently adding a golf line of shoes.  The PUMA Cell Fusion Shoes that I received looked amazing in the box.  The white shoe with the black puma downward sloping logo looked very classic and traditional.  The size was just about perfect, possibly a touch big, but I would only say that if you fall between to shoe sizes go down a ½.  PUMA’s also tend to run just a touch narrow, but never fear, they offer a wide in all their shoe styles.
Their biggest feature is the smart quill technology.  I was a little skeptical of all the asymmetrical cleats, which seemed a bit shallow at first.  But on the course I was thoroughly impressed.  Walking from the parking lot into the clubhouse I didn’t even notice that I was wearing golf shoes.  After playing 18 holes I couldn’t believe how smooth the bottom felt step after step and not once did I have a foot slip or slide on a side hill or wet grass.  The smart quill spikes gripped everything yet didn’t feel spike like.  It didn’t matter what surface I was walking on, the bottoms felt smooth like any normal pair of shoes.  Their soles also had a built in crease right where the forefoot flexes.  Obviously these are going to take smart quill spikes only, but they do send a handful of extras just in case.  

Not only were the cleats and foot bed soft and smooth, the gel inserts were very comfortable  The blue insert had excellent heal cushioning and thin, but ample, forefoot padding.  The laces and tongue are thin and lay flat across the top of each foot.  The tongue is not loose but is attached to the inside of the shoe, which I think is nice, because it always stays in the right place.  Even considering it was attached there was still more than enough room when putting on the shoes to slide your foot in without any effort or binding.
They are waterproof guaranteed and I found them to work as stated, dry feet even in the puddles and morning dew.   My only complaint was that fact that while they were so comfortable to walk in, the heal rub for the first few rounds was brutal.  They felt like an old school pair of golf shoes that took 3 round to break in.  After that they were perfect.  Just be prepared for to break them in.

These PUMA’s are great for each and every surface.  Soft and comfortable on each step.

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