Review: Puma 917 Club Shoes

Canvas shoe lovers now have a golf shoe.
One of my favorite pairs of shoes that I have in my closet are my canvas Converse shoes.  Many know them as “chucks”.  PUMA also makes a version of this classic shoe style called Club 917.    These flat soled canvas shoes are stylish and comfortable.   Finding a shoe like this for golf was non-existent until this year.  PUMA created a golf version of the Club 917.
First hurdle is waterproofing.  If you’ve ever owned a pair of canvas shoes, you know that they are the opposite of waterproof.  They are like a sieve when it comes to water.  But the Puma Club 917 golf shoe is protected with a plastic like coating,  It is a clear plastic shield applied to the entire shoe.  So the inside still feels like a canvas shoe, but the outside is completely waterproof.  Not only does it keep them dry, it does a great job at repelling dirt too, so they still look amazingly clean for white shoes (canvas ones at that) after multiple rounds.  They do come in 3 colors. (as you can see above)

 The golf part of these shoes is the Smart Quill directional spikes.  They are just as comfortable and functional as the PUMA Cel-Fusions I have.  While the soles are relatively flat, they are very nice walking on multiple surfaces and offer excellent traction.

 These shoes break in just like a pair of canvas shoes.  They take just a couple of holes to break in.  The heel area is a little stiff at the beginning, but quickly softens up and forms nicely to the foot.  The foot bed is nicely cushioned and the toe area is wide and tall offering excellent comfort walking 18 or more holes at a time.

 While style is personal preference, these did get many compliments on the course.  People liked these canvas style shoes.  They looked great with the rest of my PUMA clothing.  If you like canvas shoes, these are the golf shoes for you.

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Quick Hits
+Water-Proof Canvas Shoes
+Smart Quill Spikes

-Some Break-in Time Required