Review: PUMA Faas Lite Mesh Golf Shoes

Shoes Lite enough for Usain Bolt
One glance, one touch and one slip onto your foot and you know right away what these shoes are all about.  Lightweight to the max.  They are so light Usain Bolt would want to play golf in these, he could probably run a race in them too.  (still beating everyone)  The only other “golf shoes” I have that are this lite are not normal looking so its not really fair to call them true golf shoes.  PUMA made a couple different models of this shoe, the lightest being the mesh version.  They also come in some of the stock PUMA colors like white, orange and bright blue.
Let’s get some of the obvious things out of the way.  They are super lite.  The mesh uppers and and soft soles are like a lightweight running shoe.  I actually have running shoes heavier than these.  They look like running shoes.  It just depends on the look you are going for, the PUMA Faas look great when wearing shorts and look decent when wearing pants, especially if coordinated.  They are mesh, so there is not an ounce of water protection.  That is no big deal, since they are ideal for the hottest of hot days for golf.  

On the course they are so comfortable right out of the box.  I walked 18 holes the day I got them in the mail.  They are obviously really lite, which makes walking in them so easy, there is no heavy feet feeling.   There are some golfers that have feet and back issues that need more comfort or more flex in their shoes.  I’ve played with guys that like to wear running shoes to play; these would be a perfect alternative.  While they are lite, they really have a nice soft feeling sole, that offers plenty of support.  It is more like foam for much of the outsole with big thick treads.  Inserted into the foam are some firmer rubber cleats.  Those are strategically placed so that they engage and grip during your swing.  While they don’t grip like spiked shoes, they offer plenty of traction for most swings.  I slipped once on a drive, but I’m not sure if it was the shoes fault, I was trying to destroy the ball along with being harassed by an army of mosquitoes.  I’m not sure it was the shoes fault or me trying to hit and run away at the same time.  I’m thinking the latter.

If you are looking for the lightest “normal” looking golf shoe that doesn’t have to be waterproof, these are going to be an excellent option.  They offer plenty of grip, lots of flexibility, and tons of comfort.  They feel more like running shoes than golf shoes.  The PUMA Fass Lite mesh are so lite, Usain Bolt could play golf in them.  You just might want to play too.

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Quick Hits
+Super lightweight
+Extremely comfortable
+Good traction
+Bright look

–Not waterproof