REVIEW: Puma Golf - Fall 2019 Collection

Bob Philion, President of Puma North America and Cobra Puma Golf, has described the Puma Golf line as being the perfect blend of sport, lifestyle and fashion.  Over the past couple years, they have really focused on bringing the trends of mainstream fashion onto the golf course.  The most important component of this marriage is accomplishing this with performance fabric.  

​Over the past year, Puma has utilized their Fusion Yarn Flex fabric to bridge this gap brilliantly.  As Puma describes it, Fusion Yarn is the “fusion” of lifestyle and performance.  Fusion Yarn is buttery soft to the touch but yields the performance and moisture wicking properties that dry quickly.  One of my favorite pieces from the Fall 2019 collection is the Raleigh Polo which incorporates a muted camo print in Fusion Yarn Flex fabric.

Puma did a fantastic job capturing people’s attention early on with loud colors but has fast become one of the most balanced portfolios in golf apparel.  Puma Golf is now a brand that transitions on and off the golf course.  A bold departure from their athletic, golf uniform look that originally placed them on the golf apparel landscape.

Where Puma Golf has really excelled lately is in their golf shoe lineup.  At a time when comfort is winning in the golf shoe category, Puma is producing some of the most comfortable shoes in golf with Grant Knudson, Global Head of Footwear at the helm.  The IGNITE NXT Lace shoe is part of our LookBook this fall and has got to be one of the most comfortable shoe’s I’ve ever worn both on or off the golf course.
I had the opportunity to put together some of my favorite pieces from the Fall 2019 collection from Puma Golf.  The outfits you see below have been styled from head to toe by yours truly.  We had a lot of fun putting these together and hope you enjoy the looks we have created out of this fantastic collection.

As I have previously mentioned, it is no secret that Puma Golf is one of my favorite apparel brands in the game.  The style, performance, and depth of their apparel combined with the unmatched comfort of their shoes, they can compete with anyone in this arena.  Puma is the king of cool both on and off the course.  And, well, so am I.

Women’s Crew Neck Golf Sweater: $60
Women’s Coastal Golf Polo: $65
Women’s PWRSHAPE Pleat Wave Golf Skirt: $65

Rugby Golf Polo: $70
Quilted Golf Crew: $75
Jackpot Golf Pants: $80
Puma Original G Shoes: $100

Women’s Golf Sweater: $80
Women’s PWRSHAPE Golf Pants: $80

Raleigh Golf Polo: $70
Evoknit 1/4 Zip Golf Sweater: $95
Jackpot Short: $65
​IGNITE NXT Lace Golf Shoes: $120