Review: Puma Ignite Spikeless Shoes

A Blend of Puma's Best Features
The evolution of the golf shoe is interesting.  Even going back just a few years, the options were pretty limited and to be honest, not many were that great.  In more recent years, Puma has been one of the companies that has really changed the golf shoe industry.  They offer a youthful vibe, push the boundaries, yet many times offer a very classic look in their shoes.  The new Puma Ignite Spikeless blends together all of Puma’s best features into a classic looking shoe for on or off the course.
As I’ve mentioned in other reviews, I like spikeless shoes.  Their on and off course usage just seals the deal for me.  Yes at times, it means I might give up a little traction, but from a usage stand point, spikeless shoes get many more miles than spiked ones.  Puma made these spikeless shoes a little different than some previous models. They had used traction zones in  their previous shoes which almost looked like flatter spikes on the bottom of the shoes.  The new lug system, call Gripzone traction is excellent.  It offers some of the best spikeless traction of any shoe I’ve ever worn.  I also like how they concave the sole so that when you step and apply pressure the outside lugs engage first then the inner one are pushed into the ground for grip.

Honestly though, the real story of these shoes is the Puma Ignite foam on the inside of this shoe.  It is a high density foam that offers extreme cushion.  This is their first spikeless shoe with Ignite foam and it is awesome.  It is soft enough to really reduce impact on the bottom of my feet.  If you have firm ground conditions these will be one of the most comfortable shoe you can wear because of the soft midsole.  Even on soft ground they will feel good, just maybe not at noticeable.  While the Ignite foam is really soft, it doesn’t squish too much so that your shoes feel sloppy or you lose connection with the ground.

The out of the box comfort of these shoes comes from the Ignite foam, but also from the uppers which have a neoprene sock liner around the heel.  This is huge in offering 18 hole walking comfort instantly.  There is no heel rub or slip because of this design feature.  The rest of the uppers is a supple water-proof leather.  It is mostly void of seams, which creates comfort with fear of weird rub spots on your foot.  Their sizing is pretty much the same as others, 9.5 works in these like most other brands do for me.  I do like the additional width in the toe box area that Puma has added over the last couple seasons.

The look is a perfect blend of classic and trendy.  If you see the shoe in black and white, it looks like a classic golf shoe, but then when you add the splash of Puma colors you see how this will appeal to a wide audience, both young and old.  I got the white, blue and green shoes which are one of Puma’s “go-to” color schemes for this year.

If you are looking for an incredibly comfortable spikeless shoe right out of the box, the Puma Ignite shoes are as good as they come.  They blend together all the best work Puma has done in the last couple years; Ignite foam, Gripzone traction, soft heel collar and classic/trendy look all at the same time. 

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Quick Hits:
+Ignite midsole is super soft
+Out of box comfort
+Excellent Gripzone traction
+Classic look
+Trendy colors