REVIEW: Puma Golf "The Experience Collection" Apparel

Who could have predicted this?  It’s the kind of things you read about in a science fiction novel.  A virus from a bat that impacts the globe.  How things have changed in our world to include the game of golf.  At a time when the game was thriving, in just a matter of months, things have turned upside down in our game. 

Earlier this year, I presented a collection of apparel from Puma Golf.  In the form of a Passport, Puma introduced a line of apparel that would be introduced during a selection of tournaments throughout the year.  Hawaii, Florida, San Francisco, …just to name a few.  As I have said before, this is a fun and different way to add some much needed elements to apparel releases.  It remains one of my favorite collections of golf apparel to date.

The collection I was looking forward to the most was the Augusta collection.  The PGA Tour season may technically begin in the fall, but in golf, opening day has always been, The Masters.  It is the only major in golf that is played at the same venue each and every year.  It truly is a tradition like none other and spring’s rite of passage. 

The holes at Augusta National are named after a tree or flower that can be found on that particular hole.  The 11th, 12th, and 13th holes are probably the most iconic three hole stretch in the game and coined, “Amen Corner.”  Puma chose to honor these holes with apparel that included the flowers that are represented on those respective holes. 

I began this season with two pieces that exemplified my two favorite holes at Augusta, the 12th and 13th.  The polos from this collection are so named after the holes themselves the “Twelve” and “Thirteen”.

The Twelve is designed featuring the Golden Bell flower in muted gray and yellow.  The design of the shirt combines both a Hawaiian and camouflage feel. Puma went with their “FUSIONYARN FLEX” fabric in the construction of both the Twelve and Thirteen.  These Polo’s are 80% Polyester, 15% Cotton, and 5% Elastane.  This combination provides the technical sweat repelling qualities you come to expect from Puma with the soft feel of a 100% cotton polo.  It truly is a wonderful blend, incorporating FUSIONYARN.  A comfortable and soft polo that you can sweat in while paying respect to a legendary course all at the same time.  That’s a lot to pack into one polo and they’ve done it beautifully.

Twelve Polo – Yellow Iris – $75
101 Shorts – Quarry – $70
Ultralite Belt – $26
Utility Patch Cap – $35
The Thirteen is quite possibly my favorite golf polo of all time.  The thirteenth hole at Augusta is named, “Azalea” after the flower you most associate with The Masters.  The 13th at Augusta is probably one of the most recognized risk-reward holes in golf.  This short Par 5 guarded by Rae’s Creek has changed the destiny for many players looking to take home the green jacket.  The Thirteen polo from Puma is less muted than the Twelve and features the bold pink print of the azalea flower that makes up the landscape of this hole.  The Thirteen is constructed identical to the Twelve and is buttery soft like the wedges used to land on 13 green.

The Tournament Stretch Belt is a must accessory for this collection.  It is a comfortable stretchy belt that has the flowers of Augusta National in a muted gray camo-style print.  It is the perfect belt to round out the outfits of this collection.

Thirteen Polo -Rapture Rose – $75
Marshal Short – Peacoat – $70
Ultralite Belt – $26
Utility Patch Cap – $35
The fit of these polos are deigned without restriction and contain ample room for the movement of the golf swing.  If you prefer a more tailored fit, I recommend going down one size from normal in this collection. 

Since the introduction of the Passport Collection from Puma Golf, I have been looking forward to the Augusta collection.  It honors the traditions of the game and my favorite event to watch in all of sports.  In addition to it’s unique design featuring the flowers of Augusta National, the shirts are so soft and comfortable yet built to perform in summer heat.  Although the actual tournament may have a different look this year being played in the fall, you can count on these shirts being the talk of your club all season long.