Review: PUMA ZL Golf Shoes

Shoes Classy enough for Ian Poulter
Puma is often know for their bright colors and bold shoes, at times they may not appeal to the  older golfer looking for a more traditional look.  Ian Poulter at times can wear some bright clothing too, but often he is one of the classiest dressers on tour.  The PUMA ZL shoe is one he has worn to numerous events.  The ones available to the public come in black or white.  They look as classy as any PUMA shoe they have ever made.  While some might call them simple, they look great with their smooth leather uppers and clear plastic/rubber soles, and just a hint of orange.
The PUMA Zero Limit shoes are built on a really solid platform.  They have a very structured sole.  It has cut-outs  in the arch area and seems to be designed to flex with the swing in just the right places.  It has very aggressive treads and spikes.  These shoes will hold you down to the ground no matter how hard you swing for the fences.  The mid-layer has some nice cushioned padding for the bottom of the foot.  The uppers are a nice structured leather that is smooth and soft.  It is simple in looks and has minimal seams to create a comfortable look and feel.  The little hints of carbon fiber look really cool, yet staying classy.

On the course you could tell how structured these shoes felt.  While the leather was soft and the fit was great, they were not the best out of the box shoe I’ve ever worn.  They took a solid round to get broken in.  I had some heel rub on the first round.  After that first round they started to mold to my feet and break in nicely.  They have held their shape incredibly well.  Sometimes structured shoes get all wrinkly and look almost too broken in after just a couple rounds, these still look great.  The outsole is fairly stiff too during the first couple rounds, but it also starts to stretch and flex more as the rounds start to add up.  They have nice padding on both the sole and the rim, but the waterproof uppers were just a little stiff initially.  The grip though is rock solid.  The spikes paired with the sole design will grab the ground under any conditions.  They didn’t seem to clog up with grass and clippings either like some cleated shoes I’ve worn.

If you like PUMA shoes, but don’t want the wild or bright look of many of their shoes, these would be a great choice.  They are structured, spiked, waterproof and classy.  Make sure to take your time breaking them in, heel blisters are never fun.  If the PUMA ZL shoes are classy enough for Ian Poulter, they should be classy enough for you. 

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Quick Hits
+Classy looks
+Great structure
+Comfortable once broken in
+Superior spiked grip

–Need to be broken in