REVIEW: PuttOut Mirror and Mat

Take an Honest Look in the Mirror About Putting

How good is your putting?  This is the part of the game that separates the good golfers from the great ones.  I think virtually every golfer knows that putting is the most important aspect of shooting a low score.  The old phrase “drive for show, putt for dough” is true at every level of the game.  I’ll watch people bang 100s of balls at the range and less than 5 minutes on the putting green.  Of all the aspects of the game, putting is the one that you can practice virtually anywhere.   If you have a putter and a ball you can practice.  PuttOut wants to help you practice with a purpose to actually get better.  Their new putting mirror and putting mat, paired with the PuttOut Pressure trainer will have you taking an honest look in the mirror about your putting.  If you can master these training aides; I guarantee you will be a better putter.

PuttOut made the devilishly hard yet divinely rewarding Pressure trainer 2 years ago.  They’ve upgraded their training aide arsenal with the new PuttOut Mirror and Mat.  While the PuttOut Mirror and Mat might not be as unique as the Pressure trainer, they offer amazing feedback and insight into your putting stroke.  These 2 new components will really help your game.  The first thing I appreciate most about PuttOut products is their well thought out solid design.  They aren’t the first company to make a putting mirror, but theirs is the best.  Instead of a fragile glass mirror that you might be superstitious if it accidentally broke, they made it scracth resistant with an inner steel plate that serves to protect the mirror.  It is wrapped in a rubber shell that has small studs on the bottom to grip it in place on the mat or on a putting green.  The mat is also well designs with a thick base that also grips the surface you put it on.  I really like how it lays flat even after you roll it up to store it.  Other “rolled” mats I’ve used had problems laying flat when unrolled, but not this one.

The PuttOut Mirror has a U-shaped design to hold the ball in place right near the middle.  There are a number of alignment lines on the mirror to show the golfer square putter alignment and also then where your eyes should be for proper alignment.  There is also backswing guides for how far back you take the putter on a given stroke.  You can see yourself the whole time you are practicing putting which is key to mirror work so that you can watch if you have lots of head movement while putting.  The magnetic gates allow you to set them to the edges of your putter so you can practicing staying centered on the ball.  You can start wide for a little more liberty in your putting stroke to having just millimeters of space.  I learned that my putting stroke wasn’t as centered as I thought.  Those little red gates got bumped numerous times when I was starting out.  There is another gate that you put in front of the mirror to be your aim of putting straight.  It isn’t very wide, since it allows only .5* margin of error.  In putting that does make the difference of make or miss, which really shows you honestly how many you will make or miss.

The PuttOut Mat is a thick piece of carpet with a sturdy rubber backer that allows you to roll it and unroll it.  I am impressed by how flat it lays on the ground.  The mat then has numerous lines and dashes to help place the mirror, the gate and the pressure trainer in ideal lines and locations for practicing.  Once everything is in place you can practice away on a mat that runs around 11 on the stimp.  It is compact enough at 8′ long that you can use this in just about any room of your house or even if you travel, you can bring it with you.  It really is the critical distance for practice.  If you are confident and good from 8′ you will find amazing success from other distances on the greens too.

I have a putting green in my backyard which has certainly helped my putting.  But PuttOut Mirror, Mat and Pressure trainer have taken that to a new level.  I’ve shot my best 4 rounds over the last month since using the PuttOut products.  The Mirror really has me focusing on alignment and impact.  The Mat helps me set everything up in line and in the right pace so that I can even do some extra practice indoors, and using the Pressure trainer in connection with these new products has me dialed in even more than before.

It is time to take an honest look at your putting.  You might think you are pretty good at putting, but even the best have room for improvement.  If you want to truly improve your putting, the PuttOut Mirror, Mat and Pressure trainer and the best options for getting better.  These tools are the best on the market for practicing better and putting less. 

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