REVIEW: Premium PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

They Didn't Make It Easier; They Made It Better
The Original PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer is one of the most difficult yet rewarding putting training aids.  It combines precise putting both aim and speed.  If you get both of those right, you are rewarded with your ball resting part way up the PuttOut in the Micro-Target.  It wasn’t easy, but it helped dial in both aspects of putting.  The training aid was simple with its 3 parts which folded compact and then unfolded easily for practice indoors or outdoors.  The new Premium PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer is still just as devilishly hard, but not better constructed and offers an additional training feature which I found to be extremely helpful.
The Premium PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer is the same basic premise and construction.    It really now is 2 pieces instead of 3 pieces.  The Micro-Target is like a push button instead of a whole moving piece.  The base is still a fold over flat compact enough to fit in your golf bag.  The Micro-Target is metal and the rubber and plastic parts now come in colors.  They offer four colors, my favorite of which is the black and coral/red (as you can guess from the iGR logo)  While it didn’t feel cheap before, this is certainly an upgrade.

The Premium PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer still works on the same premise, the cup is the aim point and the ramp behind is to help catch any golf ball that isn’t too fast or too offline so that it returns to you for another try.  The Micro-Target is the perfect speed which would go just past the hole ensuring that your putt would drop into the cup.  The new 3 dots help with better aiming and visual cues as results as to how far you are off center.  If you hit any of those dots with close to the right speed your putt would drop, but obviously ideal when it rolls over the center dot.

The best addition to the Premium PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer is the alignment aid slot which allows you to insert an alignment stick  over the top of the PuttOut which then gives you another visual cue on straight putts.  You can extend it a few feet so that you can practice short ones going straight.  You can back up a few feet and while the alignment stick isn’t right over your putter, it still serves as a visual cue for alignment.  This I have found is a big help for my putting practice.  I know there are other putting aids that a solely focused on this, so I appreciate its incorporation into the PuttOut.

The Premium PuttOut Pressure Putt Training Aid is still one of the best putting improvement products you can buy.  It is simple, easy, compact, and devilishly hard.  But if you can master it, you will be a better putter.  The premium touches along with the alignment stick addition would make it worth the $40 upgrade to the new model even if you have an older version.  I would have never guessed such a simple product would be so successful over the years and that they would do such a good job improving it, but the Premium Putt Out Pressure Putt Training is the real deal.

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Quick Hits:
+Hard to Master
+Rewarding when success
+Color options
+Overhead alignment
+Additional target points
+Returns putts

–Devilishly difficult