REVIEW: PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

Devilishly Hard; Divinely Rewarding
This really is a description of golf.  How can a simple game where the ball isn’t even moving when you try to hit it, be so incredibly difficult to master.  You’d think by now people would have it figured out.  But we don’t and that is why there are a million training aids to help us get better.  But training aids tend to  replicate the game of golf too.  You’d think a simple little training aid could solve all your problems, but it doesn’t.  It takes hours of training only to never really master the game.  But yet any little improvement, even just one good hole or shot is very rewarding.  The PuttOut training aid is devilishly hard, but once you make a few, it is divinely rewarding.
The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer may be one of the simplest training aids I’ve seen.  It has 3 pieces; a white rubber hole sized base, a clear plastic ramp with micro-target and an insert.  The simple premise is putt it to the white rubber hole and you made the putt, if your speed is perfect it will go up the clear ramp and stop in the micro-target cut out of the plastic.  If you flip the insert it, it will just return to you each time; that is if you make it.  It folds in half so small that it is about the size of 4 golf gloves (in their packages) stacked up.  You can literally take it anywhere you want to practice.

The PuttOut is simple, but devilishly hard.  I’ve tried a number of training aids and this one might be the most difficult to master.  I am a decent putter, not Steve Stricker good, but it isn’t typically my weakness either.  But after using this I felt like I really suck at putting.  I couldn’t believe how few putts returned to me on the simple mode when I had the insert installed in the micro-target.  But once I removed the insert and tried getting the ball hit at the perfect speed to stop in the micro-target of the ramp, I was incredibly frustrated.  When I finally made one I did a Phil Mickelson celebration jump I was so happy, even if it was a 100 putts into using it.

The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer is legit, it makes you focus on aim and speed which are two of the three main factors in getting the ball in the hole. (the other is break)  If you give up easy, this putting training aid isn’t for you.  It takes are fair amount of practice and frustration to get better.  It does have real muscle memory potential for getting the speed and aim down.  Hitting that straight putt at the ideal speed will be useful to any golfer.  When you finally get one to stick in the micro-target, you just feel like you won the lottery.

The PuttOut is simple, economical and works if you have the patience to fail. (a lot)  It is devilishly hard to master, but divinely rewarding when you make it.  You can fold it up, keep it in your office, take it with you to the course, or pack it in you suitcase to pratice just about anytime and anywhere.  You just need a ball and a putter to go with it.  Your putting will get better by using the PuttOut pressure putt trainer.  Just remember this simple training aid is devilishly hard, yet divinely rewarding.

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Quick Hits:
+Simple set-up
+Easy use
+Use anywhere
+Low priced training aid

–So frustrating to master

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