Review: QED Style Golf Apparel

What Has Been Demonstrated Is That QED Style Is Awesome
QED is Latin for Quod Erat Demonstrandum or in English “what was demonstrated” or “proven true”  It is often used to conclude proofs.  QED Style is a newer brand of golf apparel that is proof you can make something different yet stylish for on or off the course.  I’ve worn 2 different polo shirts, a T-shirt and a pair of pants by QED Style and I must say, all of them are awesome.

QED Style has a western flare to it, yet I don’t feel like a cowboy wearing it.  It offers both a slightly different look, but still traditional in color and cut that it doesn’t stand out.  I think that fine line that QED was able to balance is what proved to be so great about their entire lineup of apparel.
The Eureka white polo has evidence of that western style with its pointed pockets, slightly flared collar, pearl snaps and contrast stitching.  It comes in a slimmer cut than most.  I ended up wearing an XL in this shirt even though in most brands I wear a size M.  I think sizing is key to getting the right fit.  Even though I wouldn’t have thought the XL was the right size, everything lines up perfectly as far as shoulder seams and overall length.  The white material is 100% polyester that is just the right weight.  It isn’t too thin that you can see through it, nor is it too thick that is feels heavy or hot in the heat.  I also like the slightly shorter sleeve that hit mid to high bicep, instead of elbow length like some polos.  It is all those little details that prove this is a great polo shirt.

The second polo that I received is called the Holden and it is a 95% cotton/ 5% spandex polo.  It is light blue without bold contrast stitching, just white on light blue that is just barely visible.  It also includes another western features, the pointed seams up near the shoulders.  It has some unique square buttons for the neck.  While I haven’t always been a huge fan of cotton polos because of their durability and look after a few washes, this one impressed me.  It has gone through the laundry 5 times now and it still looks like it is almost brand new.  The sizing on this shirt is closer to what I would call normal.  I wear this one in a size L.  It isn’t quite as slim cut as the Eureka shirt, but still has a nice shape.  The sizing of this one is also very good in terms of where everything fits on the chest and arms.  It is slightly heavier weight than the Eureka polo so works even better on cooler days.

I wear pants to golf.  It is just simply what I do.  I guess it started because of the many golf rounds I played here in the MN cold, then it changed to how much I liked the look and feel of pants, to now I can’t really golf in anything but pants because of grass/fertilizer allergy issues.  I’ve tried wearing shorts on really hot days and when I get home, the skin on my lower legs is irritated from the grass or fertilizers.  I never have any skin irritation when I wear pants.  Which brings me to the Midnight Blue Park City Pants.  These are a perfect weight tech-fabric (nylon/spandex blend) that I can wear in both the heat and the cold.  They are water resistant which makes them even better for the dew sweeper rounds.  The rear pocket is completely waterproof just in case.  The inside top has a “63”score card grip strip to keep shirts tucked in. Their fit is near perfect.  They are just big enough for room to move without any tightness in the upper thigh area, yet snug enough not to look sloppy.  They have nice zipper opening at the cuff so you can get them on or off with your shoes on.  My only complaint is the length.  They are my size 34×30, but they are more like a 31″ length.  They are slightly bunched up on the top of my shoes.  They don’t drag or get caught by my shoes, but they aren’t quite as clean looking as I like.  If you are kind of tweener when it comes to length, go shorter and you will probably get the perfect fit.

The truth be told I am not a big T-shirt guy.  I just prefer to look a little nicer even if I’m just going out to the bar with buddies.  I rarely find a T-shirt I like the looks of or one that fits the way I think it should.  While that might seem odd to some who live in T-shirts, they just aren’t a staple in my wardrobe.  With that being said, the QED Style T-shirt “too many 5s” has totally changed my mind and attitude.  I’ve finally found a T-shirt that fits great, is super soft and has a nice understated style.  It isn’t flashy, it isn’t too plain, it us just a simple golf score card line with a 5 score on each 9 and says “too many 5s” even thought the total score is a 64. The purplish/blue color looks great with jeans or golf pants.  The saying is a great conversation starter too.  I would have never guessed that one of my favorite pieces in the QED Style lineup was a T-shirt, but this one is awesome.

I must admit QED Style really impressed me with their apparel.  It might not be striped, bold or wild colors, but it is golf apparel that looks good on or off the course.  You can wear it out on the town and not feel like everyone is wondering if you just got done playing golf.  A blend of western and golf style has proved to be a great combo. What has been demonstrated to me is that QED Style makes awesome apparel.

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Quick Hits
+Cool western style
+Excellent materials
+Great fit
+Comfortable on or off the course

–Sizing variety