Review: Quagmire Colorfusion Apparel (and regular shirt)

Cool for School

How much do you need your GPS to know?  There are GPS units that can show you pictures, some that you can touch the screen to pin-point your place on the hole, there are others that map the course by walking it, but for the most part, you need a GPS to tell you how far you are from the hole, and you want it done with some accuracy.

The SWAMI claims to know all, so does it?  I have to admit I was a bit skeptical because of the lack of buttons and user input, I wondered how well it would work.  But much to my surprise and delight it worked seamlessly, just as it claims.

What I liked about the shirts is that they look stylish.  A little dressier than a T-shirt (which you can get in ColorFusion too if you want), these polos look good and my sons like wearing them.  It just makes getting ready for school in the morning easy.  They want to wear these shirts all the time. (Even when they need to be washed)

   They just fit with the Quagmire branding of fun golf apparel.  These shirts are fun to watch as they change colors.  My sons love them for school and on the golf course.  You also don’t have to worry about them just changing colors in the pits or something weird.  They are not sweat-activated, but heat-activated, even just some sunlight will cause them to change.  It is really cool when you take them right out of the dryer and watch them change back to their “normal” color.

   As for me, I tried a regular Quagmire polo called the Toddy, which is probably anything but regular.  It is nice and bright with a great color block/stripe pattern.  It is silver with white and purple accents.  It is just a fun shirt, which also performs well.  The shirt is a dry fit wicking material with a nice amount of stretch. It is lightweight and very comfortable. I like the shorter sleeves with the shoulder seam at just the right spot. The torso is cut generous but not baggy.  The sizing is comparable to other brands.  I wear the same size in Quagmire as I do in just about every other major shirt manufacturer.

   Quagmire is all about fun apparel.  My sons love their fun ColorFusion polos and I think the adult shirt is fun too.  Not obnoxious fun, just that subtle way of being bright, bold and fun.  Golf is a game, have fun with Quagmire.

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Quick Hits
+ColorFusion changes color in heat
+Great fit

–Maybe too fun for some