Review: Quivira Golf Club, Cabo San Lucas, MX

The Most Unique Golf Course I've Played
I haven’t played every golf course ever built but I’ve played over 350 different courses now and am pretty confident that Quivira is one of the most unique courses out there.  While some might consider unique to be different,quirky, weird or not very good but at Quivira, unique is awesome.  The course incorporates many great features of the Cabo San Lucas landscape, some incredible vistas, a wide variety of holes and some of the best amenities imaginable.
Even before arrival I found the score card itself to be unique, par 34 front and par 38 back.  I can’t say I’ve every played a course with those numbers.  There is a 1000 yards difference between the two 9s.  Once I was on property I learned why the layout is so different in par and yardage for each side, but that doesn’t change the uniqueness.  The driving range is the only one I know of that is right on the ocean shore, butting up against the beach.  I could have spent all day there just hitting golf balls and watching the waves crash against the shore.

After being dragged away from the beautiful range, the course beckoned.  The front 9 starts just a few yards from the clubhouse hitting away from the ocean.  The course is rugged on the edges with rock and dunes and brushing offering a very natural look while the fairways and greens are green and lush.  The 3rd hole was the first of some really unique designs.  Short/drivable uphill par 4 really offer so many options that I think you could honestly hit any club off the tee and still make par, while at the same time this waterless hole still had plenty of teeth with a tricky green and difficult bunkers.

The real  uniqueness comes after you leave the 4th hole and travel about a 1/2 mile up the side of a mountain to the first pit stop.  This isn’t your normal snack shack, but a full blown food stop with burritos, sandwiches, cookies, and drinks.  (all included with your green fee)  Not only is the food spectacular, the views from high above the Pacific Ocean are breath taking.  We saw whales breaching while we relaxed there waiting for the 5th tee to open. 

The 5th hole is sure to be a “love it or hate it” kind of hole.  A short par 4 chiseled into the cliffs high above the ocean with a semi blind shot to a drivable peninsula green.  Hero golf pulls out the driver, but the simple and best way to score was a mid/long iron to the visible fairway, then a wedge down to the green.  No matter what you think of the design, it certainly is unique.  The 6th hole is actually my favorite par 3 on the course.  Visually stunning and just a mid iron shot makes it memorable.

Just as your are starting to burn off the calories from the 1st pit stop, there is another one after hole 8.  The food is even better, with slider and tacos or whatever the grill is serving up that day.  You walk in and they have your food ready at the table for you.  Views of the 8th hole with the ocean behind it are wonderful.  After the food and a par 3 9th hole, you make the turn into the lengthy part of the course.  The 10th-14th holes are all incredibly unique holes.  The 1st time you play them you may find yourself scratching your head or celebrating how well an unexpected shot turns out.  Hole 11 has a semi-blind split fairway which really must be played to the left.  Hole 12 is a monster S-shaped downhill par 5 that can reward a perfectly placed tee-shot with 350+yards.  The 13th hole is a short, but treacherous par 3 over the ocean.  The 14th is a short dogleg par 4 that you can actually drive the green if you go right at it over the sand dunes.

Holes 15-18 are just plain long, no matter which tee you play them from.  Hopefully your driver is hitting straight and long because you will need it and a 3-wood to finish your round well.  I saw 2 of the best shots I think I’ve ever seen in golf on hole 17.  One was a 4-iron laser to 1 foot and the other was a flop shot out of a cactus to about 6 inches.

If you are in Cabo San Lucas, Quivira Golf Club is a must play.  If you are looking for a destination golf trip, this would be a unique option that will be memorable and enjoyable.  I really loved the design and the overall experience, honestly there is nothing like it anywhere else.

There is more to Quivira than just golf.  If you are like me and enjoy traveling with your wife (who isn’t a golfer) there is plenty for them to enjoy as well.  She took in the spa and said it was fantastic.  There are multiple restaurants on site at Pueblo Bonita Resort, all of which offer different food, both local and international flares.  They have multiple lodging options from simple rooms to whole houses.  The houses are spectacular and offer amazing view of the ocean.

A must do is Cabo Adventures.  We took in their whale watching tour, which was awesome.  The boat is only about 20 feet long and looks more like an inflatable raft, but with 2 x 200 hp motors on the back it can move.  They take you right out by the whales (within reason) so you can see them up close as they breach.  We also saw pods of dolphins right next to the boat as well as rays and some other really great sea life.  The boat tour was the second highlight of the trip.

If you want a unique travel experience and the opportunity to play of the most unique golf courses I’ve ever played, check out Jack Nicklaus’ Quivira Golf Club in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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