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I used Rain Rooster by Red Rooster Golf Gloves for a few rounds of golf.  A couple rounds were damp and a couple were just cold. The Rain Rooster by Red Rooster is an all-weather glove that impresses with grip, comfort and style.  While a relative new-comer to the golf glove scene, they have made a name for themselves already with many positive reviews.

This is the definitive Rain Rooster by Red Rooster Golf Gloves Review for 2023.

Most golfers are fair-weather golfers.  Since moving to AZ, I definitely fit that category.  Since we have like 350 days of sun, I don’t “have” to play in the rain.  However, sometimes a sunny day quickly turns into a downpour, a golf trip forecast is full of rain, or sometimes the morning cold and dew impacts my round.  When that is the case a good pair of rain gloves can be a game saver.  Rain Rooster by Red Rooster Gloves are some of my favorite I’ve tested.  They have these funky silicone roosters all over the palms which act like little grippers of the club when it is wet.  Below is a deeper dive into the Rain Rooster by Red Rooster Gloves.

Red Rooster has increased their line up to 19 different golf gloves.  While most of them are versions of a traditional cabretta leather golf glove, the Rain Rooster is a pair designed for all weather use.  I stated off by trying them on a normal weather day of golf.  Sometimes I wonder why I don’t go “two-gloves” all the time.  It certainly doesn’t hurt my scores.  (that for another deep dive some day).  My second round wit these gloves was cold and wet.  (it is still winter in AZ).  This is really when the Rain Rooster shines with it silicone grippers still feeling very connected to the club without slipping.  Sometimes rain gloves get thick or lose that tactile touch to the point you can barely “feel” the club in your hand.  These however stayed true to their regular gloves offering great feel and grip.

The Rain Rooster by Red Rooster Golf Gloves is constructed of microfiber rather than cabretta leather like their other gloves.  This material plays much better with moisture.  If you’ve ever gotten your leather gloves wet you know how slick and how crusty it gets when it dries.  The Rain Rooster says soft and supple use after use no matter how wet you get it.  The combination of microfiber palm with the silicone roosters means outstanding grip wet or dry. 

The Rain Rooster by Red Rooster Golf Gloves is very comfortable and has a great fit even though it is different from their regular gloves.  The main body of the hand fits the same, but the cuff is bigger and tighter to keep some rain off the inside of the gloves.  However it doesn’t impact the swing in any way.  They only come in black at this time, which is also a nice features since most rounds of golf where these will be needed will be cooler.  The black color absorbs the heat nicely and adds a level of warmth.  These are not thick winter gloves, but certainly better than no gloves in cooler weather.

The Rain Rooster by Red Rooster Golf Gloves are are sold in pairs.  You don’t need just one gloves when playing in the rain, but two gloves are necessary to maintain grip.  Odds are not in your favor to shoot your career rounds because of the weather, you might be surprised how little 2 gloves affects your swing and scores.  They really do become a necessity when playing in the rain and these give confidence that you won’t “throw” your club during a swing.  They lock down to the grip for comfort and confidence for all 18 holes.  Those little roosters really work.   Like other rain gloves, these aren’t designed to keep your hands dry, they aren’t waterproof, but they all you to grip even when they are soaking wet.


You maybe a fair-weather golfer, but sometimes you can’t avoid the rain, and rather than let it ruin your round, keep a pair of Rain Rooster by Red Rooster Golf Gloves handy in your bag.  You will happy you did.  They even function nicely in the dry weather, cool weather, or just about any weather.  They put in the same amount of effort into making this great pair of gloves like their other models. These offer a great fit, comfort, durability and grip even when wet.  While the name Red Rooster might not scream golf, it is certainly memorable.  If you need some grip in the rain, those little silicone roosters will keep the club in your hands and allow you to play great golf, no matter the weather. 

For More Information: redroostergolf.com

Red Rooster Golf Gloves – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Red Rooster is a new golf glove company that specializes in golf gloves and that is it. This means the focus on the important aspects of a golf glove like fit, comfort and durability. They have an extensive line of gloves which offer different options for fit and looks. I'm impressed by their attention to detail and high quality product.

  • ✅  Pros: Excellent fit, Amazing comfort, Great durability, Nice style, Close connection to club.

  • ⛔  Cons: Unique branding name.

  • ⛳  Verdict: Red Rooster makes the highest quality golf gloves. If you want a glove that fits really good, wears exceptionally well and feels great on the grip; you need to check these out. All they do is make golf gloves and they do it really well.


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