REVIEW: REKS Sunglasses

Stylish Golf Sunglasses That are "Me" Proof
I have a hard time playing golf without sunglasses.  The AZ sun is intense no matter what time of year it is and requires eye protection even if the temperature isn’t 110*.  Not only do I want protection from the suns rays as a wearer of contact lenses, keeping the wind off my eyes is also important.  The need for good sunglasses is also met with the reality of my life.  I wear sunglasses every day off the course: in the car; out of the office or anytime I am outside.  The 360 days of sunlight a year in Tucson means I use sunglasses often.  That also means they are commonly placed in less than safe locations.  Sometimes they get tossed on the car seat, sometimes on the counter, sometimes on the table, or sometimes in a completely random place.  The potential that they are sat on, stepped on or found by my 2 year old is real.  REKS have withstood my hectic life, my not paying attention, and my families attempts to accidentally break them.  These stylish golf sunglasses are “me” proof.
REKS frames are made from a virtually indestructible plastic/rubber that can withstand being sat on, stepped on and pulled apart by my 2 year old.  This feature alone makes them a great choice for my life.  I tested 2 pairs recently that both have lived up to their billing.  The Wrap Around and Sling Blade frames offer different looks, but similar durability.   They are coated with a satin finish which makes them look nice, feel soft and yet are very lightweight.  I’ve worn these for 12 hours straight on certain days with great comfort.  They didn’t pinch, slide or put pressure on my head or nose all day long.

Growing up “Rec Specs” meant something different, certainly not stylish.  They were for the kids that kept breaking their regular glasses and had to get indestructible frames which usually included an elastic strap around the back of their head.  REKS offers the same durability with much greater style.  You can’t tell the difference between REKS sunglasses and an expensive pair of fragile frames.   The Sling Blade is a sport glass frame that only wraps around the top of the lens, leaving the bottom part frame-free.  They sweep nicely around the corner of the eye for sun and wind protection in your peripheral sight area.  The Wrap Around frames are a full frame that encloses the entire lens and also wraps slightly around the side of the face.  These are just as stylish as any other sunglasses you can buy.  Plus REKS has other styles if you are looking for something different.

REKS offers style, an indestructible frame and high quality lenses.  At the end of the day, this really is the key to sunglasses.  The lenses are what do most of the work.  They have multiple colors and multiple options of Polycarbonate lenses.  Their golf ones are called Lumolux which are a polarized lens designed to eliminate 99% of glare.  They also have Anti-scratch, hydrophobic & anti-reflective coatings which improve performance.  They are Ultra lightweight & 100% UV 400 protection.  What this means is that they are just as good as high end sun glasses.  I have to say I was impressed by their clarity.  The Sling Blade glasses have the brown colored lenses and the Wrap Around have the smoked grey lenses.  Both are crystal clear for golf and offer eye protection as needed.  I’ve gravitated toward the Sling Blades with brown lenses because I like the contrast in color tones and the frameless style which seems to be a great combo for golf.

I wear sunglasses all the time, I like stylish sunglasses, and I like ones that can withstand my life.  REKS offers great looking sunglasses that are indestructible and have excellent clarity.  The protection they offer from the sun is excellent along with being very comfortable, make these a great option.  If you need a pair of glasses that are “me” proof, then these are one of the best choices for golf sunglasses.

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Quick Hits:
+Indestructible frames
+Great styles
+Crystal clear lenses
+Excellent UV protection
+Reasonable price