Review: Rife Vault 001 Iconic Putter

Don't get robbed on the green again!
There is nothing worse than feeling like you got robbed on the green by your putter.  Everything seemed to look good and felt like you put a good stroke on the ball only to miss the putt.  While putting is still largely based on read and speed, some putters seem to help get those things right by their design.  The Rife Vault 001 Iconic putter has worked brilliantly from the very first stroke.
Rife has had many different putters and their 2-bar has been one of their better well known designs.  This year they kind of went back to their original designs from the “vault” and introduced some traditional models along with some very unique models that I’ve never seen anyone else do.  While some intrigued me, I decided to go with what fits my eye the best, a standard anser style putter call the Iconic model.  They offer it in silver or PVD Phantom finish.  I ordered the Phantom finish because it just looks so good in any light.  The putter looks amazing with the dark finish and the white and blue accent paint.

Rife’s main technology in their putters is the roll grooves on the face paired with a very low loft.  These two features together are designed to get the ball rolling forward quickly.  As with many “forward roll” putters, it can be hard for the naked eye to tell if it is working and how quickly it is working compared to the others, but I have putted well with any putter that has this technology.  The Rife is just as good as any on the market.  What I like about their forward roll design, it is paired with a normal stainless steel metal face, not some weird plastic or super soft composite.  You still get the crisp feel of metal with the forward roll of the grooves.  It does help keep the ball rolling straight at your target.

The stainless steel feel of this putter is on the softer side because of the grooves.  I continue to prefer metal over insert and Rife accommodates that nicely with all their putters  being insert free.  The crisp click off the face allows you to feel the ball and control the ball without it feeling mushy or harsh.

The balance of the head is really great.  It has about a 4:30 toe hang, which works well for my arch style stroke.  The sweet spot is right in the middle of the face.  It feels very natural over the ball and sits very square at address.  The alignment aid is just a sight dot, but the cavity also frames the ball nicely if you need some extra help getting the putter pointed in the right direction.

All the details and features are great, but the real question is always, “Does it put the ball in the bottom of the cup?”  My very first putt with this putter was a 40 footer that I lined up and sunk for birdie.  From then on, it has been more of the same.  While I haven’t made every long putt with this putter, it is incredibly accurate and lag putting has never been easier.  The distance control with this putter has been amazing.  I know it is just another anser putter, but the forward roll technology, excellent balance and great stainless feel has made this a great putter on the greens.  It has won a spot in the rotation by simply making putts.  I have great confidence in this putter.  I can’t say it has any “wow” factors that I’ve never seen before, but the beautiful combination of classic design with Rife technology has been excellent on the greens.

The little details of this putter are nice with its very soft Winn AVS grip, a step-less steel shaft and the white headcover.  It is a Velcro closure on the cover that is fairly stiff, but it protects nicely and looks classy in the bag.

You should check out the Rife Vault 001 series and pick a style that you like.  There are so many choices it can be hard to decide between a classic shape or one of their creative ones.  Either way, you can be confident in the “forward roll” technology and the amazing finishing touches.  Don’t get robbed again on the greens again, trust the Rife Vault 001 Iconic Putter.

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Quick Hits
+Stunning looks
+Classic design
+Forward Roll technology
+Soft Stainless Steel feel
+It just makes putts

–Almost too many models to choose from