Review: Rival & Revel Headcover

Kinda Retro/Kinda Modern - All Stylin
Anytime you see a Tartan headcover, it kind of shouts “retro”.  For some reason the pattern reminds us of the good ol’ days of golf with its Scottish roots.  We have seen the resurgence of “retro” products and brands.  But when you see the Rival & Revel tartan headcover, you see the modern flares and details that make it feel less “retro”.  It doesn’t looks cheap or handmade, but a high quality modern headcover.  But no matter how you categorize this headcover, it is All Stylin.
I’m kind of a headcover junkie.  I have to admit I like all different headcover pretty much as long as they aren’t an OEM headcover.  I’ve found the blending of different styles in my bag looks cool.  Leather, Knit, Canvas, and tartan are all regular materials of the headcovers I use.  Each material often has a design attached to it.  There has actually be a resurgence of “retro” covers  in all the different materials.

The Rival & Revel cover is made of a patchwork tartan, with a black leather style top and a microfleece cuff.  Inside is more soft fleece and padding.  It has somethings that says retro and yet the looks has a modern flare to it with the Rival & Revel metal “button” on the top.  The Stag on the cuff is another nice touch.

The Rival & Revel  headcover is a very good driver cover.  The design allows it to fit easily on my Ping G30 head which is about the biggest footprint of a driver made, yet remains snug on my TaylorMade M1 430.  It had an internal elastic ring that stretches more than enough to get around a big driver head, yet is tight enough to keep it on a smaller shape.  This barrel design is pretty classic.  It offers good protection for the driver head from drops and other clubs and is long enough to give the shaft protection from nicks from irons or wedges.  The thick padding around the head makes it pretty safe from damage and the mesh fabric on the inside allows it to breath.  While that may seem unnecessary, when your driver head gets wet, it doesn’t always dry off very well in other covers; this one it does.

The modern touch of on the Rival & Revel headcover was discovered on my first round.  After about 13 holes it decided to rain.  I used an umbrellas as best I could to keep everything dry, but to no avail.  When I got home, the headcover was pretty soaked.  It set it out to dry overnight and by the next morning it looked as good as new.  I can’t say that regular leather or tartan headcovers always survive so well.  The fabrics are treated to be weather resistant.

The only downside to the Rival & Revel headcovers right now are their lack of options.  It is currently offered in 3 color and only in a driver size.  While I understand from a business model to not go overboard with product, but from the consumer side, I’d probably like a few more color options and size options for all of my woods.  I would assume with time that will change based on what I saw at their PGA show booth.  There are a couple pictures down below of some of their upcoming products.

hIt is time to ditch that OEM headcover and get something kind a retro/kind a modern, Rival & Revel headcovers.  They are very well made, offer great protection, are very durable and can endure the elements.  The other patterns are pretty cool too, so no matter which driver cover you choice, you will be stylin.

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Quick Hits:
+Retro tartan
+Modern Finishes
+Easy on and off all drivers
+Plenty of padding
+Good protection from the elements

–Limited color and size options