Review: Rival & Revel Silo

Perfect for when you don't want to carry a full bag
Sometimes you don’t need all 14 clubs for your golfing plans.  Maybe if you are going to the range and don’t need to practice every iron shot, but just want to work on a few specific clubs.  Maybe you are playing a quick practice round and only need a couple clubs to get around the course.  Maybe you are in a partial bag tournament, 3-club, 4-club, 5-club or 6-club match then you wouldn’t need to lug your entire bag.  The Rival & Revel Silo is a perfect bag replacement for those circumstances.  It is a bagless 6 club holder that weighs 1lb and is perfect for the above settings.  If you don’t need a full bag of clubs, this is a perfect alternative to the Sunday bag.

The Rival & Revel Silo is a plastic slotted cylinder that can hold 6 clubs. It is about the size of a “tall boy” beer can. The clubs clip into the Silo in rubber lined slots.  They are held firm and tight so that there is no chatter or club movement what so ever during use.  Initially it is a little tough to squeeze them into the Silo since everything is new and tight, but as you use it more, everything gets just a little looser for easier use.  It also has three holes on the top for tees.  The package is simple and nice looking along with being functional.

The Rival & Revel Silo isn’t going to replace your normal bag because it only holds 6 clubs.  It is an extra accessory that would be best used for quick rounds, practice at the range or even when it is cart path only and you don’t know which club you’ll need.  It fits nicely into one hand for carrying it.  It is about the lightest way to transport a small number of clubs.  It is really a Sunday bag alternative.  It doesn’t offer the storage or shoulder strap of a Sunday bag, it is much cheaper and less bulky to use or store.

The Rival & Reval Silo isn’t for everyone.  If you don’t ever play with less than 14 clubs or take a few clubs to the range to practice or warm up, you probably don’t need it.  But if you want something less than a full bag from time to time, this is an innovative, simple product that works great.  You will need to figure out exactly how to get your 6 clubs into it depending on the shaft and head cover situation, but I was able to have a driver, 4-iron, 6-iron, 8-iron, wedge, and putter in it for practicing at the range.  This is a small enough accessory that you can keep in your bag too if you need it at a moments notice.  It really is perfect if you don’t want to carry your full bag.

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Quick Hits
+6-club bagless carrier
+Simple design
+Easy to use
+Reasonably priced
+Great for practice or quick rounds

–Only carries 6 clubs and tees but not other accessories