REVIEW: Rose & Fire Custom iGolfReviews Headcovers

Get Your Headcover Game "On Point"
OEM headcovers are boring and should be replaced immediately once a club goes in your bag.   While I might like a certain brand or a certain club, unless I’m getting paid by the company to play their clubs, I want something cooler and better on my clubs.  I’m not suggesting  iron covers, but at least get something cool for your woods and putter.  I know that taking a headcover on and off during a round takes a couple extra seconds, but I hate seeing banged up clubs.  If you want something unique, cool, or even custom; check out Rose & Fire.  They will get your headcover game “On Point.”
I’ve been a big fan of Rose & Fire since the beginning.  I remember our first meeting at the PGA show years ago.  Mike Buchfuhrer was showing off all of their cool and unique materials they used to make putter covers.  Then they started branching into covers for the other clubs in your bag.  If you glance back you can see some of the awesome covers I have and still use: Waxed Canvass and Recycled Rubber and Glow in the Dark Denim.  The evolution of Rose & Fire has led them away from crazy materials into an embroidery emphasis.

Rose & Fire has grown considerably over the years as has their sewing capacity.  They now have multiple head sewing machines making headcovers all at once, so if you need a one-off or whole tournament set of covers, they’ve got you covered.  I appreciated the constant creation of new covers and styles.  If you follow them on Instagram you’ll regularly have the opportunity to voice an opinion about their newest creation or idea.  They continue to have a heavy emphasis on USA based covers and military themed covers which are awesome; Bombers, Liberty, States, Patriotic, and Flags.  Made in the USA with the finest materials they can source.  While they can still do unique materials, now they do more unique embroidery.

I’ve been on the search for matching headcovers for my “gamer” bag.  I have numerous covers that look nice, but nothing was truly “on point”.   So when Rose & Fire reached out about a new project, I said, “I’ve got an idea for you”.  The rest is history… The new iGolfReviews headcovers are amazing.  I get compliments every single rounds I’ve had them on the course.  They almost look like they were made by the bag company to match perfectly.  My all white Vessel bag with iGolfReviews logo on it looks even better now with the Rose & Fire custom embroidered leather headcovers on the woods. 

I wanted something mostly white to pair with the bag, so Rose & Fire mocked up an idea with the logo on the top of the white leather, with a black leather underside and then an embroidered number and plaid red stitch pattern between the logo and the number.  We finalized a couple color details on the stitching and away their machines went to produce a set of 3 covers: driver, 3-wood and hybrid.  I was able to get some sneak peaks along the way through Instagram.  Once they arrived a short time later, they were even better than the pictures.  The high quality leather, paired with perfect embroidery makes these covers amazing.  They have thick padding and strong seams to handle any appropriate club going in and out during the course of a round.

If you have an idea or if you like one of their ideas; you need to upgrade your headcovers with Rose & Fire.  I know there are some other popular styles out there, I like them too; but Rose & Fire has my headcover game “on point” with these new custom iGolfReviews leather covers.  Their stock cover selection is expansive and priced fair so you need to go check them on to get your headcover game “on point.”

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