Review: Rose & Fire Headcovers

Passion, Quality & Unique
It is not often you use those words when speaking about a headcover.  For many people whatever comes with the club from the store will do; or as I see some golfers using no headcovers at all.  While it might be an after thought for some or an unused accessory for others, it is a passion for Mike Buchfuhrer.  He started a new company Rose & Fire that makes the highest quality and unique headcovers.  The name comes from the founder and his family.  “Rose” was the matriarchal designer, creating hats after World War II.  Rose symbolizes classic timelessness, beauty, and a respect for tradition.  “Fire” is a play on the founder’s last name and represents the strength and passion infused into everything they create.  While there are some other  good headcover companies out there, I’ve yet to find the passion for quality and uniqueness from anyone else.
Currently Rose & Fire has 4 options for materials.  Their covers are either military grade nylon or industrial strength denim; meaning the strongest, most durable fabric you’ll find anywhere.  The ballistic black, pixl camo, raw denim and my favorite glow-in-the-dark raw denim are tougher materials than any other company uses.  These are not your off-the-shelf materials from the local fabric store, but custom, high-end, hard to find, expensive fabrics.  The shells are some pretty tough materials, while the lining is soft and the padding is thick.  Tough exterior and a gentle interior makes for potentially the strongest, most durable way of protecting your clubs.

I’ll admit that I like headcovers.  I think they are the easiest way to take a boring bag and make it look really cool.  I’ve tried everything under the sun, from the most innovative contraption to cover up a driver to the simplest of socks.  I really think that Rose & Fire makes the highest quality, most durable headcover you can find.  The thick padding is more than most so even on the bumpiest of cart paths, the hardest of drops or the most careless of baggage handlers, your clubhead will be safe.

Not only is the durability amazing, it is also the functional details that make it work well on the course.  Getting a cover on and off is key to usefulness of any headover.  This cover has a loop at the top that you just grab and pull and it comes right off.  Yet once it is on, the elastic sinching in the middle of the cover keeps it from ever falling off.  The material is slightly stiffer than most covers so initially it will take a litte extra effort to get it on or off.  Once it is broken in, it goes on and off firmly but easily.  I didnt’ find it to stretch out, just break in to the club.  It also depends on the driver.  My Ping G25 is a little more difficult to get in and out because of the shape, compared to my SLDR which is rounder.

It is the attention to the little details that sets Rose & Fire apart.  Things like the little pocket is nice if you want to store a tee or two with the driver or even a folded score card and pencil would fit.  The leather debossed logo is cool and ages nicely with the cover.  The Raw glow-in-the-dark cover comes with a little LED flashlight so you can light up the cover, even in the middle of the day.  It is a cool feature.  I know you might not need a glow-in-the-dark headcover, but who cares, it is just plain awesome.

Rose & Fire makes incredible headcovers.  They are well made and durable, offer superior club protection and use some really cool materials.  Passion, Quality and Unique are some the best words I can use to describe the company and their headcovers.

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Quick Hits
+Incredible quality
+Unique materials
+Passion for design
+Extremely durable
+Excellent clubhead protection