REVIEW: Round 4 Saber Putter

Just Making Putts
Some golfers will tell you that they would putt with anything, as long as it gets the ball in the hole. Other golfers want their putter to look great even if it might not be the best at finding the bottom of the hole.  The joy of having both is really what every golfer wants; a great looking putter that drops putts.  The Round 4 Saber has been surprisingly awesome. It checks off all the boxes of a great putter.  It has great looks, amazing feel, quality touches, nice milling and it works.  The Round 4 Saber is an “old-school” style, with modern touches that just makes putts.  Read on to see how this putter is a real winner.
Round 4 Putters might not be a household name yet, but they are a unique new putter company that is just scratching the surface of potential.  It is the creation of Al Vikmanis who has a pretty impressive background in business  with a degree from Yale and golf experience at Arccos Golf.  He is passionate about golf and created Round 4 putters as his outlet for that passion.   He started with CNC milled putters, but has since explored the creation putters using 3D printing.  This advanced technology by Round 4 can prototype new designs on a computer and hit print.  It also allows Round 4 to create shapes and internal geometry that are impossible to produce with other manufacturing techniques.  They can literally do things with mass, moi, shape and materials that no one else can do.

The putter I found unique to Round 4 was the Saber.  It has a classic blade shape, kind of like an 8802, but it is paired with a different hosel.  Most putter this shape have kind of a flow neck that just goes straight from the shaft to the head.  The Saber has a modified plumbers neck that gives this putter a different look, but also a different function with some off set between the shaft and the putter head.  It also has a tight milling pattern on the face for nice look and feel at impact.  The soft 1018 carbon steel metal used in this putter also makes it feel very soft.  The Black Oxide finish looks great even though it might require a little silicone cloth wipe downs to keep it looking new.

Lately in the golf world there has been a great deal written about face tech.  While I think that forward roll and groove technology can be of benefit, sometimes it is just the right combo of feel, shape, weight and alignment that make a putter work.  The Round 4 Saber is the right combo for me.  I’ve used Arccos and Shot Scope to track my putter stat while using the Round 4 and found my best putting stats ever with this putter in the bag.  My first round with this putter I had 4 birdies in the first 9 holes.  It was actually even better than that stat, I rolled in 6 different 1-putts during that stretch to get to 3-under par for 9 holes. (my best 9 hole score ever).  It continued for the next 6 rounds of golf I’ve played.  I’ve only had  couple of 3 putts ever with this putter and more 1 putts than other putters I’ve had in the bag.

The Round 4 Saber putter simply makes putts.  It looks great, it feels amazing, it has great milling, it is top quality and helps me score.  While it might not be a big MOI mallet, or some crazy face tech, the results on the green are as good as I’ve ever seen.  You need to check a Round 4 putter out for yourself.  They have 4 milled putter options or a bazillion imaginable 3D printed putters.  I think you will be impressed with the quality of the putter as well as the performance.  Round 4 Putters are just making putts.

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Quick Hits:
+Unique styles
+Great finishes
+Excellent milling
+Soft Feel
+Makes Putts