REVIEW: Samuel Hubbard 36 Holes Shoes

Golf Shoes Made to Last
Many golf shoes we buy now have a shorter lifespan than shoes of the past.  You can just tell they were made quickly, cheaply and are not going to last.  The lack of craftsmanship, the poor design and the desire to keep you buying more means most golf shoes aren’t  going to hold up for years.  Samuel Hubbard isn’t new to the shoe business and has built a reputation of high quality, well built,  comfortable shoes you can count on.  They  entered the golf shoe market with 2 shoe models recently that follow in that tradition.  These shoes are designed to last, but also to give your feet ridiculous comfort so that you can wear them for 36 holes.
Samuel Hubbard is not a household name when it comes to golf shoes.  Actually for me, it wasn’t a household name when it comes to shoes.  After researching the company and learning about their founding of Rockport shoes, their reputation for quality comfortable shoes as well as knowledge of the industry became apparent.  After years of research they created their first 2 golf shoe models.  The First Up and 36 Holes.  Both models are different than just about every other golf shoe on the market.  You won’t find these styles made by any other brand.  If I could pull off the “boat” shoe look, the First Up would have been an option.  Instead I went with the 36 Holes model as it fit my style as a more casual, yet stylish look.

The Samuel Hubbard 36 Holes shoes are one of the highest quality golf shoes you will find.  You can just feel and see their attention to detail when they arrive.  Rarely do you see a shoe take so much pride on the inside of the shoes.  They maybe put a little effort into the collar, but once you did deep into the insides, most companies don’t care.  Samuel Hubbard shoes are crafted both inside and out with care and precision.  Their fully lined with leather for comfort and durability.

So what does a non-golf company know about golf shoes?  Samuel Hubbard knows about comfort.  They understand the foot and how to make a shoe ridiculously comfortable.  These shoes were comfortable right out of the box.  The uppers are a soft supple leather with a blue matte finish.  They have good padding in the heal area as well as thick soles and triple padded insoles for comfort on every step.  It wasn’t a squishy feeling, just soft cushioning in every step.  Their outsole is patterned after many of the popular spikeless shoes.  They have a flexible lug outsole that grips nicely for all shots.

The Samuel Hubbard 36 Holes shoes actually got more wear off the course than on the course.  I really like how these loo with pants  so they were worn all day long when I was at the office or “out and about”.  They easily transitioned from the car to the course with no need to switch shoes.  I actually don’t see these being dedicated golf shoes, but everyday shoes you golf in.   The 36 Holes shoes are however a little on the bulky side.  They have a tall stance and a beefy sole.  They are certainly not lightweight either.  But they do offer great support and lots of cushioned comfort for walking.  I ordered my standard 9.5 shoes size and these are basically spot on.  If you don’t have an exact size, I’d say these might run just a tiny smidgen big.  They also are not waterproof, just water resistant.  I can’t really say this bothers me, these are a casual style shoe for on or off the course.

At the moment your Samuel Hubbard golf shoes choice are pretty limited.  You only have a couple color choices and a couple styles, but if they can expand their line and offer some other styles, they will certainly appeal to more golfers.  The First up and 36 Holes shoes are a good start; they are certainly an alternative style to many of the shoes out there.  If you are looking for a different style, but one that you can count on to last with great comfort, these are the shoes for you.

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Quick Hits:
+High quality construction
+Out of the Box comfort
+Good spikeless traction
+Style for on or off the course

–Limited styles and colors