Saxxon Oak Apparel & Accessories Review

Blending Retro Style Into Modern Golf Apparel and Gear

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Saxxon Oak is just over a year old apparel and accessory brand.  They offer a fairly wide selection of soft goods that blend retro style with modern appeal.  They offer polos, t-shirts, towels, hats, and some other gear.   I tested their apparel and accessories over my last 5 rounds of golf.  I also enjoyed wearing their apparel off the course.

 This is the definitive Saxxon Oak Apparel & Accessories Review for 2023.

How would you describe your stye?  Are you modern, retro, classic, new age, wild, creative, conservative, miss-matched, metro, etc?  I’m guessing that you gravitate toward certain brands or styles that fit your eye.  I’d also venture a guess that you see things at stores or online that you’d never wear.  That is the beauty of all the options golfers have available to them now; you don’t have to wear boring “country club” apparel.  Saxxon Oaks has a style that says modern retro.  They offer a mix of subtle flare which allows you to have some style without screaming wild prints.  If you want to mix in some new style to your golf apparel Saxxon Oak is a great choice.

Islander Polo

The Saxxon Oak Polo line is fairly extensive as they release new polos every month.  I counted 21 options that vary in style and print.  They are all made with the same material: 93% polyester and 7% spandex.  This creates a stretchy, comfortable, “dry fit” shirt.  They did nice job of getting the fit just right.  They have a chart and model which helps make sure you get the correct fit.  I was able to wear my standard M size.  They did creative neck buttons with asymetrical spacing to either open it up wide or keep it high and tight.  The style of stripes and color on this polo created some nice conversations about the Saxxon Oak brand on the course.  I received many compliments about this new polo I was wearing.  The unique feature is the length.  They went 2″ longer than most to keep it tucked in.  I liked this since I always wear mine tucked in, but for someone who might leave their polo untucked, you can’t because it will be way too long.

Ridgeline Golf Towel

The Saxxon Oak Golf Towel was the most complimented accessory I added to my bag.  I was shocked how many golfers either in my group or even passing by commented on the towel.  They loved the style of the Saxxon Oak Ridgeline MicroFiber towel.  I have to agree since this really caught my eye when I first looked through the Saxxon Oak website. I actually liked all of their towels but settled on this one.  I know it is just a printed towel, but they absolutely knocked it out of the park on the style of these towels.  Functionally they are really nice too with their large size, the microfiber material and the loop to put it around a club or hook it on the bag.


Saxxon Oak has 20 different hats to complete your look.  They have a modern retro feel with ropes and truckers as well as beanies and buckets.  They have Saxxon Oak logoed hats as well as some “catch phrase” hats.  They are very nice performance hats with cool style. They all offer nice performance in the AZ heat with their material and ventilation.  I even tried a bucket hat to keep some of the extreme sun off my head.


The Saxxon Oak Cabretta Leather glove is a nice logoed addition to their line of apparel and accessories.  It is an all white leather glove with a gray band around the wrist.  It is certainly a high quality glove that is similar to other sourced golf gloves.  I found the sizing to be  pretty standard as far as the golf glove industry goes.


If you want to show off some modern retro style, Saxxon Oak offers some nice apparel and accessories.  I found their polo to be very nice looking, fitting and performing.  Their towels are some of the best looking on the market and their hats offer some good style to complete your look.  This soft good company offers numerous options to fit your style.  I liked the modern retro look and recieved numerous compliments. If you want to add some retro style to your golf wardrobe, check out Saxxon Oak, you’ll be happy with their fit, comfort and performance.

For more information: Saxxon Oak Website

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