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REVIEW: Scotty Cameron 2018 Select Laguna Putter

Laguna Love
I’ve been waiting on the day another Laguna would be in the line up for Scotty Cameron. It has been one of my go to putters in the collection I have. As Scotty Cameron said on his website, “The past transitions to the present as Scotty introduces a re-engineered Laguna, modernized from the sole up proving that quality designs improve with time. This classic shape has made its home in the bags of some of the best players the game has seen.” Come take a look at what has been done to make the new 2018 Select putters a strong contender to put in your bag.
*Disclaimer – I am a Scotty Cameron Junky. I have way too many Scotty Cameron putters and collectables, but it doesn’t mean I think the only putter anyone should use is a Scotty Cameron. Any putter that makes the ball go in the hole with less strokes would have a place in my bag.

Three Red Dots
In terms of instant recognition, Scotty Cameron has hit his mark in putters with Three Red Dots.  Each of the Red Dots could be viewed as a cornerstone for the 2018 Select line up.

The first Red Dot is attributed to Sight. What we see looking down at a putter is just as important as seeing the line we want our putt to take to the bottom of the cup. The new line up of putters has been refined to make alignment a priority. There are visual lines that come from every part of the putter. This is more than just how you line up your ball to the target. Every micrometer of the putter has been considered to create a confident picture when putting. Edges, widths, lengths and angles are all purposed in each putter style to create the best looking putter possible.

The Second Red Dot is for Sound. So much is made of the ball that we play these days, but how the ball feels is more connected to sound than our hands. This is why Scotty Cameron put up to 30% more vibration dampening material to connect face inlays with putter bodies. Each inlay has been re-engineered to produce a softer sound, while preserving the feedback necessary to aid in distance control for pure feel. The new Select putter has a sound and feel that I thought was missing for many years in Scotty Cameron Putters. When people ask me why I love Cameron putters so much, the easy answer is the way they feel. I personally love the sound and feel of the Pro Platinum putters, which is what I tend to use most of the time. I do have several styles of putters with GSS (German Stainless Steel) inserts which produces another extremely unique sound and feel you can’t find in other putter companies today. If you see Cameron’s Tour Only versions of his new putters, most of them will have the GSS stamped on the inlay.

The third Red Dot is for the sole of the new Cameron Select putters. I’ve never spent much time looking at the sole of the putter in regards to performance, but that changed when I read about the way the new Select putters have been designed. Scotty has re-engineered his Select putters to have a four-way balanced sole. When I set my new Laguna putter down, it sits square because the balance point now addresses the weight of the shaft and grip, not just the putter head alone. Much like the center of gravity and the sole on a wedge, Scotty has gone to great lengths to ensure peak performance for every model in the Select putters.

Which Putter Would Be Best For Me??
Selecting a Scotty Cameron putter for your game means more than just the putter. It means every part of that putter has been crafted to make your putting better. For an in-depth look at how to best fit for a new Cameron putter, go to the Putter Selection Guide on his website.

As the shaft band says “Customize Your Cameron”
There are plenty of additional options to make your putter more personal or custom fit. Add color, stamps or special shaft bands and head covers that can only be found in the Custom Shop. I have sent 4 putters to the Custom Shop and the attention to detail is second to none. Here is one example of a Laguna that is sure to catch some attention on the greens. I will detail more of the Custom Shop work and the Scotty Cameron Club in another piece coming soon.

Check the price online here

Quick Hits:
+Highest Quality Materials
+Attention to Details Beyond What We See
+Clean, Crisp and Square Alignment
+Sound and Feel is Soft and Quiet
+An Investment Used on Every Hole

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