Review: Seamus Wool Headcovers

They're for real and they're spectacular
I’ve been admiring Seamus fine wool headcovers for some time from afar.  I’ve watched them go from a fairway wood headcover only company to a full line of handcrafted headcovers and accessories.  I’d seen many pictures on Instagram and read a couple of my fellow golf writers reviews.  Were they really that good? Was this company for real?  I happened to find Seamus Wool Headcovers at the PGA show in Orlando this winter at the Jones Bag booth.  They certainly looked nice.  Talking with their creator Akbar I learned what makes them unique in the industry.  But I still had my questions. Were they really as good as people had said? Are they really spectacular?
The details are what make these headcovers a step ahead of the others.  They use only the finest wools from either Oregon or Scotland.  They spend a great deal of time lining up the plaid/pattern at the seams.  They use high quality fleece linings.  Their leather logo tags, their custom wool yarn and their wooden tags exude care and quality. 

After talking with Akbar about what covers I should get, we settled on a Douglas driver headcover and a Cunningham hybrid cover.  I went into the order process expecting to do the normal 3 matching covers, but what I was most impressed with the Seamus brand is the fact that they are confident in their product, but also complimentary towards other headcover companies.  They don’t need to dominate your bag, they are all about complimenting it and making it cooler with a mismash of styles and patterns.  They are not out to rule the headcover world, just make it better.  I ended up with two of their more popular styles and by the pictures you can see why, they look amazing.  The simple leather tag with the iGr logo looks great too.

The driver headcover is one the best headcovers you can buy.  There are a number of reasons for that.  First, it will be easy to spot your driver.  It won’t match any of your other clubs, nor will it scream the brand of driver you are playing.  It is a personal fashion statement.  Next, it is the easiest cover to take on and off, no fighting with a 2 foot sock trying to squeeze over the giant 460cc head.  Just a one handed swipe will pull it off and just a little lining up and it pops right back on.  Even though it is easy on and off, once on, it won’t fall off.  There is an elastic band in the fleece liner that keeps it on even in the wind or driving your golf cart at mach 1, even while holding your driver upside down. The barrel cover is still plenty long to protect your expensive driver shaft.  It is both form and function.

While I generally take good care of my clubs and headcovers, you have a little more leeway with this cover.  A little water isn’t going to hurt the natural wool fibers, nor is a little dirt going to be too noticeable with the pattern.  I’m not suggesting abusing the cover or trying to get it dirty, but if you drop it, it is not the end of the world, it will barely even show.

Seamus offers a couple of hybrid covers.  You can either get one that looks like a barrel cover just smaller for the large hybrid or the one that looks like a little sock for the smaller hybrid.  You could even use the smaller one as a putter cover.  The same quality and ease of use of this cover match that of the driver cover.  While it is a different pattern, you can see how great it compliments the driver cover.

Seamus has become one of my favorite golf products.  They will spruce up any bag with their many color options.  You can do this on your budget and your time schedule.  If you decide to get only one cover, don’t worry, it looks great with your other headcovers. Even better, order a couple of them to mix and match as you see fit.  These headcovers are of the highest quality, designed and built right here in the USA.  They’re for real and they are spectacular!

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Quick Hits
+Classic plaid style
+Excellent craftsmanship
+Plays well with other headcovers
+Functional protection yet easy to use

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