REVIEW: Short Par 4 Magnolia Collection

This past spring, the team at Independent Golf Reviews had the opportunity to share our Short Par 4 reviews.  After drafting the article, I became a subscribing customer because of the program design and quality products. In wearing the apparel on course, I was shocked at how many golfers notice and recognize the outfits as being Short Par 4.  “Hey, you’re a Short Par 4 guy, too?  I’ve got the same outfit.” They go on to pull out the Short Par 4 glove out of their rear pocket and place the poker-chip ball markers on the green.  In fact, I have started to notice players on-course wearing the latest month’s duds.  Everyone that I have talked to has been happy with the service. Even in the six-month golf season of Minnesota!

*Leah is photographed in Puma Apparel from the Magnolia Box.
​In April, Short Par 4 also launched a fourth product category called, “The Magnolia Membership.” This apparel subscription is their first dive into a lady’s subscription service.  Magnolia is a nod to Augusta National and the inaugural year for the Augusta National Women’s Amateur.  It is a special tournament to Augusta, women’s golf, and in the spirit of the club founder, Bobby Jones.  A fitting name for this category to say the least.
The first Magnolia boxes will be inspired by Puma Golf staffer, Lexi Thompson.  As such, you can probably expect to see a lot of Puma apparel products in some of the initial boxes.  The Magnolia program and boxes are set to come every other month as opposed to the monthly boxes in the men’s lines.  Short Par 4 will hinge on the busy lifestyle of women often juggling a career, children, spouses, and everything in between with no time to shop for golf apparel.  All other aspects of the Magnolia line will be identical to the process of the men’s options.
This Magnolia box came packed with a Puma shirt, skirt, headbands, socks, as well as a Short Par 4 metal drink container and ball limited edition ball marker.  The Magnolia subscription service is $99.
If you are interested in the other packages offered by Short Par 4 check out our full review here!

The Magnolia line is available to ship now: The Magnolia Box

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