Shot Scope PRO LX+ Rangefinder Review

Is a Rangefinder Combining Laser, GPS and Shot Tracking the Holy Grail?

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I used the Shot Scope LX+ Rangefinder for 9 rounds of golf.  I used each feature separately and them all combined.  Shot Scope continues to evolve their technology as they seek to offer golfers every distance and shot tracking information in one package.  See if Shot Scope pulled off the “Holy Grail” of rangefinders. 

This is the definitive Shot Scope PRO LX+ Rangefinder Review for 2022.


The Shot Scope PRO LX+ Rangefinder is essentially Gen 4 of their shot tracking hardware.  What started as a watch, some sensors and an app; has grown into a Laser, GPS and Shot Tracking.   Since day 1 I’ve been impressed by Shot Scope products.  They work well, have multitude of features and help a golfers understand their game which can lead to real scoring gains when applied on-course. 

The Shot Scope PRO LX+ starts with the laser rangefinder.  It is an ergonomic, compact and lightweight laser.  It has all the standard features found in lasers; slope, 7x magnification, red/black LED display, long battery life, quick and accurate distances to anything.  The optics are clear and the distances are fast.  It has nice shape which locks into your hand nicely.  The only downside of this laser was the slight variation of yardage on “reshoots.”  I often try to hit the flag 2 or even 3 times to make sure I have an accurate yardage.  It is habit back from the days when “pinlock” didn’t exist.  When I did that with this unit I got a yard or even 2 different.  This was a little confusing at times, but it was never far off, just wasn’t the exact each time.

The Shot Scope PRO LX+ comes with a magnetic GPS unit which you can attach to the laser or wear on your belt or stick to the cart.  This allows for quick glance distances.  If you don’t want to know exactly where the pin is or aren’t worried about the tenth of a yard adjustment because of slope, you can just get the front, middle, and back distances quickly when you pick up the unit.  It auto-advances so you literally turn it on, select the course and play.  However the battery for the GPS is only good for 36 holes.

The Shot Scope PRO LX+ also has shot tracking connected to the GPS unit.  I found it tough to keep it on the laser and track shots, especially on shots and putts that don’t use a laser.  It works far better on your belt clip.  While some of the previous models of Shot Scope didn’t require “tapping” since it was watch based, this unit rides on your belt which requires you to touch the end of the club to the GPS.  Once you get in the habit, it comes nature to tap your belt before each shot.  You can glance down or take the unit off the magnetic belt clip to quickly see those 3 yardages or the hazard yardages. When you turn it on you can select plain GPS or GPS+Shot Tracking.

Shot Scope has stuck with the same “tags” that are screwed into the end of grips since the beginning.  I think that is a good move on their part since they are small, lightweight, and are club specific.  You never have to worry if your 5-iron is actually getting tracked as a 7-iron if you switch clubs.  The tag says what it is so you can be certain you have the right tag in the right club.  If you touch the GPS unit with the tag, it gets the shot every time.  It vibrates so you know they connected.  I don’t think I ever had to tap twice.   Another great feature is that the package comes with 16 tags.  Now I understand 14 clubs are the USGA limit in your bag, but if you play in AZ, you better have a desert club (or two).  Those couple extra tags are nice to accurately track shots if you have those extra clubs.

The Shot Scope PRO LX+ gets the rest of its “mojo” from the app.  Once you connect the GPS tracking unit to your phone, it unlocks all kinds of information and statistics.  If you dig into the performance section it will greatly help you choose the right club the next time you are one the course.  It can also benefit your range time by focusing on a weakness of your game.  While sometimes you already kind of know these things, seeing them in charts and bold graphics, it hits you in a different way.  If you want to look at the “new” statistic of strokes gained, you can dive down that path to really see how you compare.  Taking it to the next level, you can join the competitions and work toward earning “medals”.


The Shot Scope PRO LX+ almost accomplished the Holy Grail of rangefinders.  The trifecta of features with laser, GPS and shot tracking have it so close.  It really is the only unit on the market that does all 3 in package.  However, there a just a couple features that are holding it back; no cart magnet, tag tapping, and shot GPS battery life.  If gen 5 addresses those few things, Shot Scope may just acheive it.  Until then, this is one of the best combos of all the features golfers need on the course and information they can use to actually improve their game.  The Shot Scope PRO LX+ combines laser, GPS and shot tracking in one really good unit.

For more information:

Shot Scope PRO LX+ Rangefinder – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Shot Scope in on gen 4 and it offers the best of all 3 worlds, laser, GPS and shot tracking. They can be used together or separate depending on your preferences.

  • ✅  Pros: Laser, GPS and Shot tracking all in one package, Great App information for improvement, Long laser battery life, Use together or separate.

  • ⛔  Cons: No cart magnet, Short GPS battery life, Different distance on double laser shot.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The Shot Scope PRO LX+ is so close to being the holy grail. I think it might need just a couple additions/options to take the crown. The tapping for shot tracking can be cumbersome and forgotten. The laser could be refined with distance and cart magnet. While it didn't win Holy Grail status, that doesn't take away from one amazing package that can do it all; laser, GPS and shot tracking.


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