REVIEW: Shot Scope V2 Game Tracking System

Is Version 2 The Best Stat Tracker System?
Shot Scope V1 offered stats that no other shot tracking system has been able to offer; specifically the exact hole location for every round you play.  Their watch based system was very accurate and easy to use for shot collection.  But if you read my review of V1, as much as I like the system, it had some opportunities to improve. The main issue was wearing a watch that didn’t have any GPS data or display of anything on it.  It almost feels like Shot Scope took my review and used it to make Shot Scope V2.  They added all the right details to make this one of the best shot tracking devices on the market.
Shot Scope V2 uses similar tags that are screwed into the end of the grips and a watch which collects the data.  In many ways it looks pretty similar.  The tags are labeled by the club, and the included extra tags are really nice for having a desert club or for testing clubs even if you have a few more than 14 clubs in the bag.  The tagging takes place passively like before, just turn on the watch and play.  Shut it down after your round and the data will be stored on the watch until you sync it with your phone or computer.  There is no tapping, or need to get your phone out during your round.

The biggest advancement is in the new Shot Scope V2 watch.  Before it was just a wrist band with a couple LED light to let you know it was on and working.  Now it is a full GPS watch.  This was my main point of advice from my previous review.  If I’m wearing a watch anyways, might as well make it useful.  The Shot Scope V2 watch is as good as any other GPS watch, maybe even better.  It gives you exact or as they call it dynamic yardage to middle, front and back based on your location.  A more recent update also gives you hazard yardages.  One thing that I didn’t expect (because I didn’t read the book) was the need to download the courses you plan on playing.  If you just take it directly out of the box to the course, the GPS feature won’t work because you need to download the courses you plan on playing.  I’m not sure the limit, but I’ve got a dozen courses on it so far and appears to have more space, but it doesn’t come pre-loaded with 30,000 courses on the watch, but you should be able to find every course on the app/dashboard.  Downloading courses takes a couple minutes depending on whether you use your computer or smart phone.

Once you download the course you plan on playing onto your Shot Scope V2 watch, just turn it on at the course and choose, GPS (shows distance), GPS Pro (just collects shots) or GPS + Shot tracking (shows data and collects shots).  It all depends on the rules for the round you are playing.  I used it always for GPS + Shot Tracking.  I found it really easy to start up, use and download the data.  The watch allows you to edit during the round for penalty strokes or other strange situations.  Once are done and upload it, you can edit again if necessary, but this system offers one of the most accurate shot collection systems.  In 7 rounds I’ve only had to edit a couple holes, and even that was because I forgot to press the hole location.

The Shot Scope dashboard also has received some updates for even easier understanding of what is going on in your game.  Specifically the app has been updated to make stats easier to read and understand.  Another recent update is the ability to edit your round on your smart phone.  This was also long overdue.  I had a round that I ran out of battery on the watch prior to the completion of the round.  I was happy to go on my phone and plug in my shots right on my phone immediately after the round.

Shot Scope V2 Game Tracking System nailed it.  They did everything right with this unit.  I’m really impressed by all the improvements and the smooth function on the course.  The only feature yet to add, is a “caddy” feature to help you understand how to apply your stats to your game.  Otherwise this unit does everything you want in a more useful and comfortable way.  The Shot Scope V2 offers stats that others don’t and also a simple to use system with GPS right on your wrist.

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Quick Hits:
+GPS watch
+Excellent shot detection
+Easy use
+Dashboard and app are improved
+Regular firmware updates
+Exact hole location

–No caddy feature