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Best Value GPS Watch W/ Shot Tracking

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I used the Shot Scope V5 GPS Watch and Shot Tracker for 6 rounds of golf this spring. It offers an array of features at a price much less than other golf GPS watches.  The clear display, hole maps, green details, quick charging are all the features golfers are looking for in a GPS watch.  Plus you get the bonus of Shot Scopes accurate shot tracking.  This watch can do it all on a budget.

This is the definitive Shot Scope V5 GPS Watch and Shot Tracker Review for 2024.

Shot Scope V5

GPS golf watch

While golf GPS watches have been around for almost a decade, I’ve been slow to adopt this technology.  I’ve been a laser guy since I first got one.  However I am coming around to the golf watch idea, especially as the technology in a watch like the Shot Scope V5 GPS Watch has improved immensely.  This watch is quick and easy to start up at the course and is basically hand free for usage once you get going.  It is about as quick as anything you can use to get yardages and information on your wrist.  The increased comfort and functions has the potential to convert me to a GPS golf watch wearing golfer. It is very comfortable even though the straps seem backwards, you don’t even notice while wearing it. This budget friendly, feature packed model is an excellent choice.

Button Navigated Display

The Shot Scope V5 GPS Watch has a easy to read display that show front, middle, back in default setting.  In order to make use of all the other features and details you need to learn the button sequence.  While touchscreens seem to dominate our world, buttons still work pretty well on such a small screen.  I’ve found difficulty swiping what I want, but the Shot Scope V5 GPS watch uses 4 buttons to navigate the menus and screens.  It generally starts with the “down” button which is the unlock button and then depending on what you want to do, you have to go “up” or “select” to get to hole maps, scorecard, hazards, green details, hole advance, etc.  I will say it takes a few holes to dial in the sequence for moving to the screen you want, but once you figure it out, the buttons are easy to navigate and use.  I think the clear display with button navigation is more accurate and easier to use on the golf course than a touchscreen.

Golf Function

The Shot Scope V5 GPS Golf Watch and Shot Tracker is a golf watch that offers all the most useful information you need while playing.  The most basic starting point is front, middle, back.  I’d say for 75% of my shots that is all I really need.  Many of the other decision making factors can been seen off the tee or from the fairway.  If you need the exact distance to cover the bunker or hazard you can quickly toggle to that screen.  The green views are nice to locate/move the pin into the proper quadrant so you can approach with the correct iron or wedge.  It can keep score easily and navigates the course seamlessly from hole to hole. The display is very bright and works in any light conditions.  I also liked that I didn’t have to connect it to my phone to make use of all the watch features.  I know that app opens up even more details but the watch does just fine on its own.

Battery Life

The Shot Scope V5 GPS Watch lasts for a solid 36 holes of golf.  I liked that it doesn’t go into a sleep mode while playing golf, but to extend the battery life between rounds it works best to turn it off.  I think the real deal is the charging speed.  It takes and hour or less to go from 0% to 100%.  It uses a proprietary charging cord, but can be charged on the car ride to the course if you forget to plug it in at home.  It works well in non-GPS mode for a regular watch.  It has time display options and tracks your steps for better health.  If you wear it off the course you will be aware of how the battery is doing compared to throwing it in the golf bag and hoping it has battery the next time you play.

Shot Tracking

The Shot Scope V5 GPS Watch and Shot Tracker added this core feature of Shot Scope perfectly.  No tapping, worrying, or app to track every shot you hit.  The watch ends up close enough to grip on every shot so it captures the club, distance and score for every shot on every hole.  It is the easiest way to track shots.  The knowledge that comes from shot tracking is unlocked when you use the app.  The watch can give you basic information, but the stats, the maps, the insights really come when you see your percentages, strokes gained, etc in the app.  You don’t have to worry about forgetting to tap, or if you phone is in the right pocket or if a shot got missed because the watch picks up everything.  This feature paired with this great GPS watch is what really makes this a killer value.


The Shot Scope V5 GPS Watch and Shot Tracker is the best budget GPS golf watch for 2024 because of the additional features.  The Shot Scope G5 from last year is still an outstanding value too, but the new and additional features make the V5 even better.  It is comfortable, functional, easy to read and tracks shots seamlessly.  If you want to improve your game, knowing distances is a must, but also learning your game will help even more with decision making.   All of these features ring up at $250 for the watch and shot tracking.  Shot Scope continues to up their game so you can up yours.  This watch is easy to use, charges quickly and offers 36,000 preloaded courses with no subscription fees.   It is hard to find a better value out there.

For more information:  Shot Scope Website

Shot Scope V5 GPS Watch and Shot Tracker – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Shot Scope makes golf measuring and shot tracking devices. The new V5 GPS watch offers both technologies in an easy to use package. It has accurate GPS distances along with seamless shot tracking.

  • ✅  Pros: Color display, 36 hole battery life, Accurate distances, Golf app features, Tapless Shot tracking, Easy to use buttons, Reasonable price.

  • ⛔  Cons: Non-Touchscreen.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The Shot Scope V5 GPS Watch is a budget friendly GPS Golf Watch and Shot Tracking. It offers all the features golfers want and need to play 18 holes, but also to get better from learning afterwards about stats. The button navigated display is easy to use and see. It is preloaded with features and doesn't require subscriptions fees which has it ready to go for years to come.


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