Review: SHOTMATE GPS by Matrix

Listen to that voice near your head.
Hearing voices is usually not considered a good thing, but the assuring voice of the SHOTMATE GPS is a voice that you should listen to.

Since the USGA has allowed measuring devices for play, there are 2 main choices, laser rangefinder or GPS.  While they both have their strengths and weakness, both have grown in popularity and I’ve found to really help golfers accuracy and if used properly can speed up play.
The SHOTMATE is the newest GPS from Matrix Shafts.  It might not be the company you would expect to buy a GPS from, but like their shafts, The SHOTMATE is innovative, creative and a top notch product.  Weighing only a couple ounces, and about the size of a match book, this little device is very powerful.  I found clipping it to the side of my hat or the brim of my visor is the easiest way to go, but it would work clipped to just about anything, your belt, your shirt pocket, even your scorecard if you wanted.  It only has a couple of buttons to do everything you need on the course.

At first you might be bit turned off by this GPS unit because it doesn’t have no screen.  I’ve never seen a GPS device without a screen; so how do you find out the information you need?  The soothing voice of the SHOTMATE will tell you everything you need to know.  The important details are found with the push of a button.

Everything is preloaded so all you need to do is charge the unit and turn it on when you get to the course.  It will locate the course automatically.  If you press the main button when you get to the first hole, it will tell you the hole and yardage to the center of the green.  Just remember you need to be on the first tee box.  If you are just driving up or still some yards away, it won’t recognize the first hole.  You need to be within a yard of the first tee.  Once you are on the first tee box you can find out the length of the hole and the length of your drive after you hit it.  If you hold the button down after you hit, after a double beep (2 seconds), it will track the distance of that shot.  Hold it down again when you reach your ball and you will hear how far you bombed it.  A quick press will get you the remaining distance to the center of the green.  It registers up to 30 yards of the green, after that you are one your own, it says on green. After each hole it automatically advances to the next hole.  If you hit a real wild shot, you can manually adjust the hole too.  It is a little tricky, you have to hold down the button again, then use the volume up and down to scroll as it announces which hole you want to play. 

  The on course use is simple and easy.  There is nothing to look at, no sun light to worry about, no shaky hands to cause inaccuracy, just simply press the button and listen.  I found it to be the fastest rangefinder to use of any style or brand.  I could focus on the shot, I could look for the right club, it was about as hands free as they come.

Because the unit is so small and doesn’t have to power a screen, I found the battery life amazing.  I played 3 rounds and it still had a little juice left. That is the most holes I’ve ever got out of GPS unit.  I’m not sure how much life was left, there isn’t a battery life bar, but it was impressive.  Matrix says 9 hours and I actually think I got the full 9 hours.

There is only one downfall to this unit, it only measures to the center of the green.  If you want to know how far out that water hazard is or what it will take to carry the bunker, this unit won’t help with that.   

Listening to the soothing voice of the SHOTMATE will give you confidence on each shot. If you are looking for the absolute easiest, no frills, no fees, fastest, low cost GPS to use on the course, the SHOTMATE is the BEST. 

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+Low Price

–Only measures center of the green