Like Walking on Clouds
That expression is one to describe how soft something is when you walk on it.  We all know the truth is that we can’t actually walk on clouds, but we think that it might be the softest thing to put under our feet.  If you look at the list of golf shoes I’ve reviewed you can see I’ve tried many different shoes from many different brands, and these are the softest feeling shoes under your feet I have ever worn.  If you could walk on clouds, the Skecher GO GOLF Drive 2 shoes are how I imagine it would feel like.
Skechers has been making shoes from a number of years and most recently jumped into the golf shoes business.  They have Matt Kuchar as their spokesman, who actually does a really good job in their commercials.  They offer a range of shoes from their “pro” line to these  a more “casual” shoe.  The Drive 2 golf shoe is a “spikeless” shoe that fall into a “street” shoe look.  The style is simple, but works well with golf pants, jeans or shorts. 

The first thing that you will notice when you slip on the Skecher GO GOLF Drive 2 shoe is how soft the insole is.  Skecher uses what they call Goga Mat.  It is basically a version of a yoga mat material that is very, very soft, and cushiony under your feet.  This is what really makes these feel like you are walking on clouds.

They also use a low drop design which keep the foot in a flat/neutral position for walking and swinging.  I really liked how they felt underfoot as far as the cushioning and platform for walking and swinging.

The Skecher GO GOLF Drive 2 is offered in 2 basic colors; grey and black.  The spikeless nubs on the bottom of the shoe have a 2 pattern design with heel and toe having triangular lugs and the arch area have more spike like nubs.  They are excellent for walking on any surface.  They are made of a fairly soft rubber compound so that walking on hard surfaces is fairly gentle and easy.  On grass they offer decent traction.  They obviously aren’t as aggressive as spikes, but even for spikeless don’t dig in too hard.  I also think that the super soft Goga Mat insole causes a little disconnect from the course.  While it makes the shoes crazy comfortable, if you are a really aggressive swinger, these might be the ideal shoe for you.

While they aren’t waterproof, their water resistance this spring was actually better than some waterproof shoes.  My golfing buddies were complaining about wet feet in their “waterproof” shoes, while mine were perfectly dry in my water resistant Skechers.  Sure I wouldn’t wear them in rainy weather or walk through puddles, but in dewy, damp conditions, they did just fine.

Seriously if the bottom of your feet get sore while walking and playing golf, these are the softest shoes you can buy.  The Goga Mat insole is the real deal.  They are also very reasonably prices so you don’t have to spend a ton of money on your golf shoes.  If you are a very aggressive swinger, you might want to look into a different shoe, but if you have a smooth swing like Kuchar, these shoes will be perfect.  The Skecher GO GOLF Drive 2 shoes are like walking on clouds.

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Quick Hits:
+Crazy soft insole
+Nice style
+Water resistance works
+Great walk on any surface
+Out of the box comfort

–Not for aggressive swingers