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I had a Skin Golf Glove on my left hand for multiple rounds of golf.  The Skins Golf Glove Peace and Golf Tour Edition was the one I used over 6 rounds that impressed me with its comfort, style and durability.  The fancy print is more than just looks, but functions really well.  

This is the definitive Skins Golf Gloves Review for 2023.

There has been a rise in boutique golf gloves. There is new golf glove brand popping up it seems like every day.  Creating a unique style and differentiating factor can be hard.  Skins Golf took a stylish yet function approach to their new golf glove line.  Their basic white golf glove is partnered with a stylish spandex band around the wrist and between the fingers.  It allows Skins Golf to offer a wide variety of golf gloves based off the same model along with creating a very comfortable, functional golf glove.

Skins Golf offers 9 different golf glove patterns.  While the base glove is all the same, the stylish patterns look cool and offer a variety of themes.  My favorites are the Peace and Golf and the Dia De Los Muertos, but I would have no problem rocking the others ones too.  (They also have matching towels if you want to go “all in” on a particular style)  The spandex pattern is used in the “flex” areas of the glove; the wrist and between the fingers.  It is subtle yet bold. They run about $25 so they fit into that premium glove price.

Style is one things, but performance is where the rubber hits the road.  The Skins Golf Gloves perform well.  The spandex material between the fingers isn’t just for looks, it also increases the performance of the glove.  Having Spandex between the fingers functions in 2 beneficial ways: it keeps the glove tight around the fingers, but flexes more than normal leather.  Essentially it allows the glove to flex more while staying tighter on the fingers.  It increases the comfort while increasing the function.  I also felt like it helped the glove from “wadding up” after the round when it was thrown in my bag.

The picture above shows the durability of a Skins Golf Glove as this was taken after multiple AZ rounds of golf.  The cabretta leather is of highest quality as is the stitching and construction.  It is very comfortable and fits well.  While I wouldn’t wear a golf glove off the course, the Skins Golf Glove didn’t have me itching to take it off either.  It was perfectly comfortable for all 18 holes.  I found the wear and tear on the glove fairly minimal too.  Taking it on and off between shots and putts was easy too.

The Skins Golf Gloves come in your standard sizes and fit very close to what I call standard sizing.  I went with a size L and it fits excellent, but maybe just a touch on the larger size. If you are a “tweener” I’d suggest going with the smaller size rather than the larger size.  The spandex gives it a little more stretch than other brands so you can get away with a little smaller size.  The large velcro strap holds the glove solidly to your hand and offers easy adjustment to for dialing in the back of your hand fit.


If you are looking to show a little flare with your golf glove without sacrificing performance and durability, Skins Golf Gloves might be the perfect choice.  The cabretta leather is top quality and the printed spandex offers a tight fit with great flexibility and cool styles.  They not only offer excellent gloves, but matching towels and my favorite hoodie.  Skins Golf makes some great golf products, and their gloves are some of my favorites.

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