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Skins Golf is a new comer to the golf soft goods market.  Their emphasis is golf gloves and towels.  However, their hoodie might just be their best product.  I donned this hoodie for 6 rounds of golf and many other days off the golf course.  It has become my favorite hoodie.

 This is the definitive Skins Golf Hoodie Review for 2023.

Have you joined the hoodie fad?  At first there were numerous conversations, arguments and debates about hoodies on the golf course.  Is a hoodie proper golf apparel?  While some of the purist would say NO; Everyone else says, Wear whatever you want (within reason) and enjoy the game of golf.  So if you have or haven’t joined the Hoodie-lution; Skins Golf Hoodie is the best I’ve used or seen.  Their combination of style, fit, comfort, and performance make this my “go-to” hoodie when the weather permits/demands a hoodie.

The Skins Golf Hoodie starting point is the material.  The 4-way stretch 94% nylon 4% spandex is incredibly soft and comfortable.  It is much thinner than I expected for a hoodie, but surprisingly warm for such thin material.  It isn’t going to replace thick “heat” apparel necessary for staying warm when the temps are near freezing, but when there is just a chill in the air, this hoodie is perfect.  I would say it is the perfect AZ hoodie because we get some cooler temps in the morning that rise by mid round to warm.  However, I didn’t overheat in this hoodie, but was comfortable from hole 1 to hole 18.

The Skins Golf Hoodie got the fit perfect.  I always worry fit when getting apparel online since it is hard to know exactly how it will fit me.  Skins does a nice job of describing their fit based on the model in their pictures.  They have measurements too on their fitting chart to help figure out which size of theirs will fit you.  I was really happy that this came in at my normal size M and was perfect.  It hit the shoulders right on, has some fit to the chest and a little space around the mid section without getting wide.  This good slim fit looks really nice and is very comfortable.  I’d say true-to-size or down-a-size if on the fence.

The Skins Golf Hoodie has 2 tiny logos.  There is their dog holding a golf club on the pass-through mid-section pocket and a two color strip on the sleeve; that’s it.  This is a great feature which allow you to wear it without feeling like a walking billboard.  I went with the Stone colored hoodie which is almost white and they have a navy and auburn one as well.  I would happily wear all 3 of these day in and day out. I also really liked that the hood of this hoodie doesn’t have a string to tighten it up.  While if I was playing in extreme conditions I might want that string, but this hood is going to be more for style than function.  You can wear it on your head and it will keep it warm, but since the whole hoodie is thin, it isn’t idea for really cold weather anyways.

The Skins Golf Hoodie isn’t going to improve your golf score, but it will certainly make you look good and feel good on the golf course.  I like the extra warmth it offers on cool days without getting bulky.  This feels like wearing a polo while golfing so there is absolutly no impact on your swing while wearing this hoodie.  I obviously like the heat since I live in AZ and this keeps just a little warmer.  The combination of fit, stretch, comfort and warmth make this the best fall, spring, cool morning hoodie.  I’ll probably be buying more since I want to wear this thing every day.


If you want to join the hoodie-lution, the Skins Golf Hoodie is the perfect golf hoodie.  I am impressed by this new golf companies first attempt at apparel.  While much of their line is focused on gloves and towels, their hoodie might be their best product.  I love the style, fit, comfort, stretch and performance of this hoodie.  I know not everyone is on board with this fashion statement, if you are going to jump in, try the Skins Golf Hoodie.

For more information:  Skins Golf

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