Review: Srixon '17 Z-STAR & Q-STAR TOUR Golf Balls

Not Every Tour Level Golf Ball is Created Equally
There are two simple parts to golf, the ball and what is used to hit the ball.  I realize that way of describing golf is a major exaggeration, but it does really boil down to those parts with a lot of variables on both sides.   Srixon introduced this spring a collection of golf balls that have changed the way we should think about tour level golf balls. The engineering behind each ball is specifically driven to maximize player benefits no matter the level of golf you play.
I use four factors when evaluating golf balls:
1. Ball Speed – This is the speed (mph) at which the ball leaves the club at impact
2. Launch Angle – The height (degrees) at which the ball leaves the club at impact
3. Spin Rate – The amount of spin (rpm) at which the ball leaves the club at impact
4. Dispersion – The distance away (ft. or yd.) from the intended target

My Testing methods include 18 shots with each club for each ball.  Using a Sleeve of the model, I will hit three shots with each club and repeat 6 times using an average of the data collected for each club.
Srixon Z-STAR and Z-STAR XV new technologies for 2017:

This is where Ball Speed and Launch Angle are maximized.
KEY INNOVATION: Lower compression Energetic Gradient Growth Core in the Z-STAR.

Redesigned Dual Energetic Gradient Growth Core in the Z-STAR XV.
KEY PLAYER BENEFIT: Even softer feel on all shots and improved launch conditions for more distance off the tee.

Launch Angle and Spin Rates are affected by the Dimple Pattern
KEY INNOVATION: More aerodynamic 338 Speed Dimple Pattern.
KEY PLAYER BENEFIT: Improved flight performance for additional gains in distance and full shot control.


Launch Angle, Spin Rate and Dispersion are all impacted by the Cover Layer
KEY INNOVATION: Softer, more elastic Spin Skin coating.
KEY PLAYER BENEFIT: Softer feel, enhanced greenside spin and more consistent spin on approach shots from any lie, especially from the rough


The Srixon Z-STAR has a new dimple pattern that is supposed to hold the line in the air better than the previous models.  I found this to be true from the very first shot, it was a very noticeable feature that is great for playing in any kind of wind. The ball also has a soft feel to it, which makes it perfect for short game shots and longer shots from the tee.


The Srixon Z-STAR XV was my favorite ball the past few generations. The new formulation of the XV didn’t fit me as well as the previous models.  The ball feels a bit more firm and I don’t seem to get the numbers that would make it a good fit for me.  I have tried it in 90 degree weather and 50 degree weather and it performed the same.  This is why testing golf balls is so important.  I would have guessed based on my results in previous models the XV would have been the ball I would rather play. It still holds up to any tour level ball on the market, but it might not be the ball I would play.


The new Srixon Q-STAR TOUR is a ball that I would put on the list of Tour Level Golf Balls to try this year. The reduced compression and Spin Skin cover technology make this golf ball a MUST play.  I haven’t see as dramatic changes in the consistency and performance in a lower compression golf ball like this before.  The usual first thought with lower compression golf balls is they are softer and will not perform as well as the higher compression Tour Level Golf Balls.  Srixon has found a way to make that happen in this new Q-STAR TOUR ball.  The numbers are some of the best I’ve had with a Tour Level ball at an extremely affordable price. Srixon was right on with this ball. I’m going to call this one the sleeper pick for 2017.

Srixon brought their A-game to 2017.  The new balls are just another example of how Srixon is not just thinking about their bottom line, but about the golfer.  The redesigned golf balls are not only better, but also at a better price point.  If you go with the Z-STAR models, they are going for $39.99 and the Q-STAR TOUR can be had for $29.99.  These are as good as anything out there, available in white or yellow and offer 3 different options depending on your ball fitting needs.  If you don’t have access to a launch monitor or a ball fitter you can buy the sample pack of the 3 models and figure out which one is best for you.  Don’t just buy a ball because of the brand, but which one will work best for your game.  One of these 3 Srixon Tour balls should fit your game perfectly.

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Quick Hits

+Bright White and Optic Yellow in the Z-STAR line up
+Noticeable changes in the golf ball from last year
+Tour Level Performance made better
+Q-STAR TOUR is affordable and Tour Level

–No Optic Yellow in the Q-STAR TOUR (yet?)