Review: Srixon F65 3-wood

A Fairway Wood That Can Be For All Skill Levels
Many golf club designs are aimed a particular segment of the golfing community.  Blades are for low handicap golfers, SGI irons are for high handicap golfers, 460, high MOI drivers are aimed at those who need forgiveness, while sub 460 low spin drivers are for the better player.  Srixon differentiates their drivers and irons in this way, but kind of surprisingly offers one fairway wood to appeal to both.  Did they pull it offer?  Find out why I think the the Srixon F65 fairway wood can work for all skill levels.  It is the combination of looks and performance that will allow such a wide variety of golfer to consider putting this fairway wood in their bag.
One key to making a fairway wood fit a wide audience is the size and shape.  It needs to be big enough to inspire confidence, yet compact enough to have that workability appearance.  Srixon found the sweetspot with the F65.  It has a fairly flat, compact look, but ample size behind the ball to look like you won’t miss the center of the face.  The arc support channel and crown design break up the all black crown which gives it both a compact and large look and makes it easy to align.  The face is that right height too.  Thin enough to feel like you’ll get under the ball, yet tall enough so that you don’t think you’ll “sky” every shot.

Srixon designed the same ripple sole into the fairway wood that they used in the driver.  It creates a most forgiving head.  The face isn’t big enough to really worry about hit low on the face, but the design does stretch the sweetspot so that mishits anywhere on the face get good results.  The low and forward weight moves the GC to a nice spot for spin reduction, yet the crown and sole are aimed to launch the ball higher.

The Srixon F65 3-wood was put the real test during my spring rounds in AZ.  My new golfing group consists of a wide variety of handicaps.  They too like testing and hitting new clubs so it was great to get their feedback on this club.  I was having great success with this club as a low-handicap golfer.  I was hitting it straight, high and long on a pretty consistent basis.  But the real joy was watching a 20 handicap hit this very well too.  He was able to hit really good 3-wood shots with ease.  It was able to span a wide range of golfers with consistently good shots by all.

The Srixon F65 is a very solid 3-wood that fits a wide variety of golfers.  I can’t say it blew me away with distance, but I’m not really a 3-wood distance guy anyways.  I want it to fill a gap, hit a consistent distance and go high and straight.  This club checked all those boxes for me and a variety of other golfers.  The solid feel at impact comes after the smooth feel of the shaft throughout the swing.  The Miyazaki Kuala Mizu 6 has a consistent whip into the ball.  The D2 swingweight isn’t as heavy as the driver, but still feels very good.

Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Srixon F65 3-wood

    • Spin: 3504 rpms
    • Launch Angle: 14.9*
    • Dispersion: 3.7 yds
    • Club Head Speed: 98.8 mph
    • Ball Speed: 141.6 mph
    • Total Distance:  243.8 yds
    • Carry Distance:  227.2 yds

Srixon is really poised for a great 2017.  The irons are phenomenal, the drivers are sneaky good and te F65 3-wood will fit just about any golfer.  The good looks, excellent performance and wide range of golfers that can use this club make it a must try for 2017.

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Quick Hits:
+Easy to hit
+Good distance
+For all handicaps
+Nice looks