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REVIEW: Srixon Z F85 3-wood

Advancements Good Enough For Pros; Beneficial For Amateurs
Golf is played differently by the pros than it is by amateurs.  Their ability, their mindset, their needs, their clubs are all specific to tournament play and how they make their livelihood.  They have demanding needs in order to play their best.  While the amateur might have the similar needs, their reliance on a club and time spent on the club specs is considerably less.  Sometimes club advancements and improvements will fit one group or the other.  Srixon designed the F85 3-wood to benefit both groups of golfers.  If you are looking for one really good 3-wood, read the rest of this review.
Srixon has really upped their game the last couple years with their new club designs.  The iron line now is in its 3rd generation and are quiet honestly some of the best in the business.  Their wood line has been solid, but maybe not as advanced as some of the other big OEM companies.  The Z 85 series however was designed to directly compete with anything on the market.  They revamped the design, advanced the materials and really created create woods.  The Srixon Z F85 3-wood is outstanding.  They hit on all the major points that golfers of all skill levels look for: compact shape, easy launch, long distance, great sound and forgiveness.

The Srixon Z F85 3-wood is a great looking combo.  The black crown with some visible carbon, the mostly black sole with a hint of chrome and red and only with the ProjectX HZRDUS Red shaft which is mostly matte black with just some red lettering looks amazing in the bag or while swinging.  While looks aren’t everything, they certain do have an impact on demos and sales.  Srixon nailed the appearance of this club.

The Srixon Z F85 3-wood has its advancements “under the hood”.  The carbon crown allows for weight to be relocated for better CG for better launch and spin numbers.  It also improves the sound which becomes more muted.  The crown stepped also helps with CG and gives a nice visual cue for alignment.  The improved cup face makes the sweet spot even bigger for more consistent ball speeds across the face which also leads to more forgiveness.

The Srixon Z F85 3-wood has been a beast on the course.  I’ve been impressed by the distance that this 3-wood can bomb it.  I find myself regularly waiting for greens to clear on par 5s.  There is no reason to layup when you can reach the green and have looks at eagle.  While I haven’t hit every green that I went for, I’ve been around the green with very short chips.  Off the tee this is a fairway finder that is shorter than my driver, but still long enough to have moderate to short shots left.  The Z F85 is an advancement over previous models and can compete with anything on the market.

The Srixon Z F85 3-wood has this excellent crack sound at impact and the ball rockets off the face.  It launches high enough that you can carry over trees, but the flat penetrating flight after the initial quick launch stays in the air for a long time and then lands fairly soft.  It is a lower spinning combo with the ProjectX HZRDUS Red shaft and likes to fly fairly straight.

Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Srixon Z F85 3-wood

  • Spin: 3176 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 13.7*
  • Dispersion: 3.6 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 99.4 mph
  • Ball Speed: 144.1 mph
  • Total Distance:  252.4 yds
  • Carry Distance:  239.8 yds

It doesn’t matter your skill level, you will find the advancement in the Srixon Z F85 3-wood beneficial for your game.  It looks amazing, sounds excellent and really launches the ball.  The carbon crown, cup face and “real deal” hand rolled HZRDUS Red stock shaft make this playable for pro and amateurs. 

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Quick Hits:
+Stellar looks
+Great sound
+Easy launch
+Flat flight
+Hand rolled ProjectX HZRDUS Red

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