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Review: Srixon Z355 Irons

The Sole of a Tour Iron; The Body of a Game-Improvement Iron
Irons have certainly changed over the years.  When I was learning to golf, you had blades or cavity backs.  There really weren’t too many options, other than different brands.  Even in just the last 10 years, they irons game has greatly expanded into multiple categories: tour irons, players irons, performance irons, game-improvement irons, and super game improvement irons.  Srixon incorporated the sole of a tour iron in the body of a game-improvement iron.

I’m going to start with my favorite feature of the Srixon Z355 irons, the sole.  Over the years of reviewing irons, I’ve learned that there are little things about clubs that don’t get talked about too much, that often is a deciding factor of how well they actually work in real life.  People focus on lofts, looks and feel, but to me one of most important performance factors is the sole.  I’ve found that how the club interacts with the turf is key to better results. If the sole gets fat and flat, I’m probably not going to hit it very well.  The Z355 on the other hand have my favorite sole grind, they call it the Tour V.T sole.  It has a bevel grind on the leading and trailing edge almost line the bottom of a V.  What this does is allow you to get under the ball into the turf, but also keeps it from digging for an easy exit.  I had more crisp and clean contact with these irons of just about any set I have every played.

The second key feature of the Srixon Z355 irons is what they are calling Action Mass.  It is basically a heavier head with a counter balanced shaft to help smooth out swing flaws for more consistent ball contact.  While I’m not always a fan of this manipulation, it works perfectly in these irons.  It didn’t feel awkward which is really the biggest key to counterbalancing.  These irons still came in at  D2 and felt normal during the swing.  Distance was just a touch more than my normal set-up, maybe a 1/2 club more.  I didn’t really adjust much, only if the pin was on the back edge would I club down.

The heavier iron heads are paired with Nippon N.S. PRO 950GH DST Steel shafts.  They are a lighter steel shaft, with a higher balance point to counter the heavier heads, topped with Golf Pride tour velvet grips.  They hit the ball on a very consistent mid-high flight with a super smooth feel.  They didn’t balloon or hit sky high which can sometime be a problem I’ve had with Nippon shafts.

Flightscope X2 Launch Monitor

Srixon Z355 Irons – 8-iron

    • Spin: 6842 rpms
    • Launch Angle: 31.9*
    • Dispersion: 2.9 yds
    • Club Head Speed: 87.1 mph
    • Ball Speed: 116.6 mph
    • Total Distance:  159.4 yds
    • Carry Distance:  153.2 yds

The results of the tour sole and game-improvement body is one good looking, easy to hit, consistent results irons.  I prefer a compact, blade like iron, but these actually looked really good in the bag and played very well.  They aren’t big and fat like some game-improvement irons, nor do they feel as dead as some.  They have a very live feel off the face with enough forgiveness for miss-hits to still find their intended target.  These are clubs that just work on the course.  The Tour V.T sole works amazing from every lie.  Tight fairways are no problem, nor is deep rough.  They have enough forgiveness built into the body that you can get away with shots that other clubs might penalize you.

If you are mid to high handicap golfer, these are going to be excellent irons for your game.  They are going to help minimize your swing flaws, interact better with the turf, feel really solid, and offer consistent results.  The Tour V.T sole and Action Mass counterbalancing are features that really work help you hit the ball better off the turn with more consistent results.  The Srixon Z355 Irons have the sole of tour iron and the body of a game improvement iron.

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Quick Hits:
+Tour V.T. Sole offers great turf interaction
+Action Mass helps with swing consistency
+Hot feel
+Forgiving face
+Solid mid/high launch
+Good looks: not too big, not too little

–Some might not like the counter-balanced irons

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