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Srixon Z765 Irons Review

Greatness Doesn't Need an Overhaul
Srixon designed one of my favorite iron line-ups in 2016.  The Z45 series irons were some of the best I’ve ever played.  I still keep the Z945 irons in my bag.  The forged irons offered forgiving cavity backs in the Z545 irons, forgiveness and playability in the Z745 irons and pure blades in the Z945 irons.  While some companies are prone to completely overhauling their line up, Srixon did something better, they just tweaked them to improve their greatness.  I think Srixon might be making some of the best irons on the market right now.
If you take a quick glance at the Z65 line up compared to the Z45 line up, you might not catch the differences, other than the etched burst stripe in the cavity.  Srixon did that on purpose because there was no reason to reinvent the wheel with this new line.  The most notable design changes are subtle.  The new irons are a little less angular, have some smoothed out “line” and have a little more refined look compared to a slightly more industrial look of the previous version.  The “notched” heel is gone and the cavity is slightly tweaked.

I love my Z945 irons, but I decided to try something a little more forgiving for 2017 so I went with the Z765 irons.  They have a compact look like the blades, but more forgiveness with their cavity back.  This is a combo that is good for my game since I’m not getting as much practice time since moving to AZ.   I get to play more now, but since I’m not coach high school golf, I don’t practice as much.  I thought that the added forgiveness would help without sacrificing looks or feel.

Everything that I was hoping to get out of the Srixon Z765 irons is exactly what I got and just a touch more.  The obvious is that they look amazing.  It doesn’t matter which angle you hold them, they look good in the bag, behind the ball, from the toe, even when examining the grooves these clubs look stunning.  They come stock with DG S300 shafts and black tour velvet grips or you can go with the Nippon Pro Modus 120 shaft at D3.  Either combo is a great choice or you could go custom order shafts too, I simply opted for the DG S300 shafts.  They come are available 3-iron-AW depending on the combo you want. 

Srixon’s biggest tweak to  the new irons is in the V.T. Sole. For me this is the feature that puts Srixon irons in a class by themselves.  While others copy or imitate this design, Srixon still does it best, and now better.  The bounce for the leading edge and reverse bounce for the trailing edge got smoothed out.  The design make these perfect for every turf condition.  I’m learning to play on the harder desert turf in AZ and these irons have made the transition much easier.  They offer the perfect amount of dig and bounce so that I can pick the ball fairly clean off tight lies.  Yet I still make little divots which give the right feel and allow me to hit the ball in the center of the face.

The Srixon Z765 Irons offer that amazing forged feel which comes from a well stuck iron.  You know you caught it clean, yet even if you don’t, you won’t be severely penalized.  The new 1020 steel and heat process makes them as soft or softer than any forged iron on the market.  They also offer solid distance, about 5 yards longer than my “standard” set.  All of these “players” iron qualities with ample forgiveness. I had my 20 handicap brother-in-law play these while he was here on spring break and he hit these irons as well as anything he’s ever played.  This was the true test of their forgiveness.  For me, I like the straight ball for 90% of my shots and these offered that, and the couple times per round that I wanted to work the ball, they can still do that too.   They have just a little more forgiveness than the Z945 irons in the bag, but still have great feel and compact looks.

Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Srixon Z765 Irons – 8-iron

  • Spin: 8101 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 28.4*
  • Dispersion: 3.1 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 85.9 mph
  • Ball Speed: 105.1 mph
  • Total Distance:  156.3 yds
  • Carry Distance:  150.1 yds

If you are in the market for new irons, Srixon should be at the top of your list of irons to try.  The Z765 irons are the perfect blend of forgiveness and playability.  They aren’t much different from the Z745 irons so if you already have Srixon irons like z785, you know how good these irons are, and if you don’t go check them out.  Srixon already made great irons, so rather than overhauling their design, they just tweaked it to make it even better.

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Quick Hits
+Stellar looks
+Excellent feel
+Improved V.T. Sole
+Tungsten in long irons help
+Great performance
+Solid Forgiveness

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