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REVIEW: Srixon Z785 Driver

Srixon Came To Play And Win
Over the last few years, it kind of feels like the driver race has been between a couple companies.  Sure there are 20 plus drivers on the market, but 2 or 3 companies seem to dominate the buzz, the tour, the sales and the bags of golfers.  Srixon set out to be a contender for the big dog slot in your bag.  First they needed to win over their tour pros, (which they did) and now they are going after the regular golfing market.  The new Z785 driver came to play and there is a good chance it could win a spot in your bag.  There are lots of bold claims on the Srixon website about their driver.  Are they able to back it up with real world performance?  Keep reading to find out…
Srixon isn’t being shy about taking on the other drivers on the market.  They claim to be faster than the Rogue and straighter than an M3.  These are bold claims that they share on their website as they describe the performance of the new Z785 driver.  Their head to head testing lead them to proclaim they have a driver that can become a leader in the industry.  The technology they tout is a new TI51AF Cup Face and Carbon composite crown.  These lighter weight materials in the head allow for better CG manipulation and greater energy transfer.  These are some bold claims, did the Srixon Z785 Driver actually live up to the hype?

The Srixon Z785 Driver is a really nice “off the rack” combo.  The ProjectX HZRDUS Black Hand Crafted shaft is the real deal.  As you can read in my review, I was already a big fan of that shaft.  The basically all black package from head to grip is really nice looking.  The little accent of red and chrome look very classic.  They left just enough carbon visible to assure you that it is there.  The black face is nice because you can see your ball impact after every drive.  The bold red headcover looks really sharp in the bag too. Just judging on looks, this driver can compete.

The Srixon Z785 Driver needed to win me over on the course.  Does it really do what it claims?  I have to say that Srixon may have just pulled it off.  I’ve been really impressed how good this driver is, just as impressed as I was during my review of the Srixon Z785 Irons.  On the very first swing I notice how great this driver sounds.  Srixon dialed in the multi-material sound to be very pleasing.  Muted, but not so muted it feels dead.  It has this great crack at impact that feels really hot without being loud.  The launch was strong yet towering.  I was really happy with the quick launch and flat flight.  Drive after drive looked like “pro” drives.  There is a certainly flight that pros have that amateurs don’t always see.  Regular golfers either hit a high, but spinny ball or a lower trajectory trying to take advantage of roll.  Pros launch it higher with low spin for amazing carry and then some roll.  That is what I was seeing with the Srixon Z785. 

The Srixon Z785 Driver offers a great combo of sound, looks and flight.  The real deal comes in on the length and dispersion.  These 2 factors really are the biggest key to driver success; is it forgiving, straight and long?  Yes the Srixon Z785 offers all of those features too.  I hit numerous drives over 3 bills that were perfectly straight.  On off-center hits they didn’t go as far, but they were certainly in play and plenty long.  The low spin on this driver really is the key to much of the distance and dispersion of this driver.  I have been able to raise my swing speed some too, but this combo just worked for me.

Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Srixon Z785 Driver

  • Spin: 1805 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 16.1*
  • Dispersion: 6.0 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 108.4 mph
  • Ball Speed: 161.3 mph
  • Total Distance:  299.5 yds
  • Carry Distance:  280.1 yds

Don’t overlook Srixon in your new driver search.  They might not have been one of the big 2 or 3 companies leading the driver market, but they have earned a spot at the table with the new Z785 driver.  I am impressed by how well it backed up its claims.  Srixon made a bold move, but it looks like it could pay off.  They offer a 60 day guarantee that this driver can beat out your “gamer.”  I have a feeling that they won’t need to fulfill too many of those guarantees.   Don’t just write of Srixon because they aren’t Callaway or Taylormade, check out their new drivers.  They look great, sound awesome, and perform on the course.  Srixon didn’t just come to play, they came to win.

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Quick Hits
+Great looks
+Awesome real deal stock shaft
+Good sound
+”Pro” launch

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