Srixon ZX 3 Wood Review

One All-Around Performing 3 Wood

Ryan Heiman
Founder and head author at Independent Golf Reviews

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This is the definitive Srixon ZX 3 Wood Review for 2021.

I played 5 rounds of golf with this club in my bag and have over 10 years of experience testing and reviewing golf clubs. 

Here is my overall experience and thoughts on this club.

Srixon ZX 3 wood review thumbnail
  • ℹ️  About An all-around performing fairway wood, the Srixon ZX 3 wood offers great performance in every area.

  • 💰 Price $269.99 - Manufacturer restrictions limit stores from offering any discounts for this club.

  • ✅  Pros Distance, forgiveness, consistency and ease. An all around performer.

  • ⛔  Cons Doesn't particularly "WOW" in any one area.

  • ⛳  Verdict It might not correct any one flaw or swing need, it works well for all swings and all needs.  You will be happy with your overall game as a result of this 3 wood.


The Srixon ZX 3 wood is part of the new ZX family which continues to impress in both the looks and performance category.  You can see the Srizon ZX irons review here that put those clubs at the top of the class.  I’ve been blown away by the ZX utility iron.  The ZX 3 wood is one of those consistent clubs that performs from any lie, in any situation with consistently good results.  It isn’t a one-trick pony, but excels in all areas of performance.  It isn’t the longest, most anti-slice, lowest spin or most forgiving; it is however good at all of those things which means you’ll have zero worries with the Srixon ZX 3 wood in the bag.

The Srixon ZX 3 wood is an easy launching 3 wood with very low back weights along with a carbon fiber crown.  These features are highlighted with visible reminders about the Rebound Frame sole and exposed fiber on the crown.  It has a shallow-ish face which makes it easy to lift off the fairway or even light rough, but it also sit nicely behind the ball on the tee.  The shape is slightly triangular but not extreme, just not as rounded as some models out there.  It has a step crown which has been part of Srixon’s design for a few models.  The shape, design and feature make it easy to set-up behind the ball and point the club in the right direction.  The face and sole are done in black with red and silver accents which makes this club look nice in the bag and compact behind the ball.

The Srixon ZX 3 wood creates confidence on the course because it is consistently good.  While I have 3 woods that are longer, they also can be further off-line.  I have lower launching and lower spinning 3 woods which also don’t finish in the same spot if course conditions change.  I have 3-woods that refuse to go right, but sometimes that means they go left.  The ZX 3 wood really just goes straight and consistently the same distance.  This makes it easy to plan and play shots because these is no questions about going to long, or not hitting high enough or getting into trouble right or left.  Don’t get fooled into thinking you need the longest 3-wood on the market, that may actually hurt your game.

The Srixon ZX 3 wood is paired stock with the Project X HAZRDUS Smoke black shaft which offers lower spin, strong launch and yet really nice feel.  This combined with the solid feel of the head you have muted, great feel at contact.  The ball feels like it explodes off the face.  I found it to be very straight hitting and controllable.  It launches quick enough to carry over a corner guarded by trees.  It lands softly enough to hold greens on long par 3s or on par 5 approaches.  This club just performs consistently good on the course.

Srixon ZX 3 wood Stats

Data from Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

 Spin: 3006 rpms

 Launch Angle: 13.9*

 Club Head Speed: 100.1 mph

 Ball Speed: 145.4 mph

 Total Distance: 257.9 yds

 Carry Distance: 244.7 yds


If you want an all-around performing fairway wood, the Srixon ZX 3 wood offers great performance in every area.  It might not correct any one flaw or swing need, it works well for all swings and all needs.  You will be happy with you over all game as a result of this 3-wood.   While it might not “WOW” in any one area, it simply performs well in every area.  Your game will thank you as you see consistency and accuracy improve with this 3-wood.  Distance, forgiveness, consistency and ease is what makes this one 3-wood model an all around performer.

For more information: Srixon Website

Quick Hits

➕ Easy to hit
➕ Straight
➕ Long
➕ Good sound
➕ Nice looks
➕ Excels in all categories



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Ryan Heiman – Founder and Head Author of Independent Golf Reviews
Ryan has over 10 years of experience testing and writing golf reviews of nearly every brand out there.
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Distance, forgiveness, consistency and ease is what makes the ZX 3 wood an all around performer.