REVIEW: Stableford Golf Wallet

Say You're A Golfer; Without Saying You're A Golfer
You’ve maybe seen this popular tweet/post about letting the world know you are a golfer without specifically saying you are a golfer. Some use the famous golfer tan pics, others use their golf company OEM hat, others will show a tee tucked behind their ear and someone might post a picture of small pencil. The Stableford Golf Wallet is one of those things you can add to the list that screams golfer just by looking at it. No matter which side you flip it to, there is an obvious golf accessory paired with a really nice and convenient wallet.
The days of a fat leather “brick” in your back pocket are fading.  A combination of digital payment options as well as well designed slimline wallets mean you don’t need to carry around a wallet that holds 20 cards, 50 pictures, cash and coins.  Now you can slide something sleek, lightweight and convenient into your back pocket.  The Stableford Golf Wallet offers everything you need as an everyday wallet along with having some additional features to work as a golf wallet.
The Stableford Golf Wallet is a nice tan leather slimline wallet with 3 slots for cards, a money clip as well as divot tool and magnetic ball marker.  While I can’t carry every membership card, business card, id card and credit card, it will nicely carry the necessities.  The money clip is strong enough to carry a bunch of bills, but again, keep it limited to necessities.  It has RFID protection too. It comes with 3 ball marker options: Eagle, Lone Wolf and American Flag.  They are thin, magnetic and very lightweight so they don’t impact the wallet at all.  The divot tool is also slim and fit into its own pocket on the wallet.  The tool works great on the greens and can open a bottle of adult beverage too.
The Stableford Golf Wallet has everything you need for a round of golf; money, ball marker, and divot tool.  The question I had after multiple rounds of golf with it; Do I really want to whip out my ID, CC, and cash on every hole?  I found myself taking the ball marker and divot tool out of the wallet and placing them in my front pocket.  That way I only retrieved the wallet from my pocket when the beverage cart girl came around.  While my cards or cash never fell out during my round, I’m not sure I would want to wave around $$ on every single hole giving it a chance to fall out or blow away.

 The Stableford Golf Wallet is a nice slim wallet that has functional golf accessories attached to it.  It doesn’t fee like sitting on a brick, nor does it weigh down my back pocket.  I can’t way I want to get it out on all 18 greens during a round to use the accessories, but putting them in my pocket during the round and then placing them back in my wallet after golf means I always have them with me.  It kind of screams “I am a golfer” off the course with the ball marker and divot, but it functions as a nice wallet without the accessories too.  If you are tired of the leather “brick” in your pocket during your round of golf, check out the Stableford Golf Wallet as a golf focused alternative.

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Quick Hits:
+Quality construction
+Nice golf accessories
+Good looking

–Don’t want my wallet out on every hole.