Stewart Golf RS-1 Push Cart Review

Come Heather or High Water This Cart Can Traverse Any Terrain

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Stewart Golf RS-1 Push Cart Cover

The Stewart Golf RS-1 Push Cart traversed the course for a few rounds carrying my bag and clubs.  It offers ones of the best rolls in golf with it’s high frame and dual bearing wheels.  It also folds up easily with only a couple levers.  The folded size is compact so that it will easily fit with a bag in your trunk. From the company that makes the best electric trolley, they also make one of the best push carts.    

This is the my definitive review of the Stewart Golf RS-1 Push Cart for 2024.

Stewart Golf RS-1 Push Cart Cover

Smooth Roll

Not all push carts roll the same.  Sure all push carts have 3 or 4 wheel, and almost all have airless tires; but some push easier than others.  The Stewart Golf RS-1 Push Cart is one of the easiest pushes in golf.  The dual bearing wheels glide down the fairway with ease, barely requiring effort to push.  Even loaded with a cart bag, all kinds of gear and a full set of clubs; this cart rolls smoothly and easily.  While it might not seem like much, if you’ve ever labored behind your push cart struggling to get it up a hill or down a fairway, you know exactly what the benefits are of a better roll.


The Stewart Golf RS-1 Push Cart has a lever and turn dial for folding and unfolding.  It is very straight forward and easy to figure out.  The lower lever releases the lower arms and wheels for deployment or retraction.  The upper dial gets the handle at the correct angle for pushing.  There is no twisting or turning, but simple straight forward open and close.  Once folded it is really compact; once opened it rides tall and stable.

High Frame Stability

The Stewart Golf RS-1 Push Cart is a compact and lightweight 3-wheel push cart.  However what it does better than most carts is ride high off the ground.  If you play a course that had thicker rough or even heather grass, this cart is one of the best for traversing these conditions because the frame of the cart rides really high.  It doesn’t get tangled in weeds and grass.  This means you can search for that wayward tee shot without leaving your cart in the fairway.  This high frame however still has a good center of gravity that resists tipping over.  It doesn’t fall back or pop wheelies while pushing.  This combination of high frame for going through rough conditions but solid stability makes it perfect for links golf courses.  (not surprising from a British company)


The Stewart Golf RS-1 Push Cart has a large console or glove box.  It is formed between the handle and has molded dividers to keep everything you put in there from banging into each other.  I like the magnetic closure which keeps it locked down while walking, but easy to lift with one finger.  It is deep enough to hold a phone, wallet and some golf balls.  The built in cup holder is AWESOME.  While the clip on the side ones work, I can’t tell you how many times it falls off, tips over, or even gets forgotten at home.  While the RS-1 still has “buttons” so you can  clip one of those on, you don’t need to with the built in one that can hold a small water bottle or your giant Stanley thermos.   I also like that the umbrella holder clips to the underside and can remain there folded or unfolded.  A surprising little feature is the logo ball marker built into the console area.  A nice big magnetic ball marker is always ready for use.


The Stewart Golf RS-1 Push Cart comes with most of the accessories built in.  The one accessory included with my cart that I really appreciate is the wheels cover.  If you play a course that recently cut their grass, has any moisture on it or is just plain dusty and dirty, covering up those wheel before putting the cart back in my car is really nice.  While my truck bed doesn’t matter too much, I like to keep my MINI hatch clean. It also avoids any chance of rubbing that dirt off onto my bag as they ride next to each other.  The other accessories like umbrella holder, ball holder and drink holder are all built in. If you need something else, you can grab them off the Stewart website.

Bag Straps

I think bag straps are the most overlooked aspect of a good push cart.  I hate having to readjust my bag and straps during the round or even multiple times. The Stewart Golf RS-1 Push Cart uses 2 silicone rubber straps to secure the bag to the cart for 18 holes without readjustment.  Both straps use a series of holes which loop over a hook on the opposite side. The upper bracket has rubber pads as well as a silicone rubber strap between the arms which creates an entire wrap of the bag at the top so that it is locked in tight and doesn’t move at all. The lower one is similar but without the connecting rubber between the arms.  The bag sits on a foot above the front wheel and once you tighten the straps, the bag is held securely no matter how many bumps or pot holes you hit, the bag won’t move of come off the cart. They are also plenty long to fit large cart bags.

The Brake

The Stewart Golf RS-1 Push Cart has a single wheel push button foot brake.  It is a button style foot lever that engages a pin into a gear on the right rear wheel.  It easily engages and disengages with a foot tap.  The handle of the cart isn’t as far back as some so it was actually pretty easy to stick out a foot and push the brake button. Unless I’m on a very steep hill, this brake worked to keep the cart in place.  It does sometimes find its own center of gravity with the other two wheel free to roll, but my cart never ran away or slid down a hill with the brake engaged.


Stewart Golf knows how to make carts: push or electric.  The Stewart Golf RS-1 Push Cart is the best rolling, high frame, easy to fold, 3-wheel carts you can buy.  The details are well thought out and useful while golfing.  The built-in accessories make it ready to go right out of the box.  The dual bearing wheels really make it easy to push and the high frame makes it capable of traversing heather or high water.  The rubber straps keep your bag locked in place all 18 holes.  The combination of features and roll make this a top push cart for 2024.

For more information: Stewart Golf USA Website

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