REVIEW: STITCH Camo Leather Headcovers

Camo For The Birdie Hunter
I am not a hunter and don’t own anything camouflage. I didn’t serve in the Armed Forces and have a connection to a specific style of camouflage. While I think it can be cool to wear camo, it hasn’t really been my thing. However the STITCH Camo Leather Headcovers have a totally unique style that fits my style. Their camo is designed to match their bags. It is bright, bold and perfect for the birdie hunter. I proudly have the STITCH Camo Leather Headcovers on the iGR bag.
STITCH has been making leather headcovers for almost 10 years now.  I remember back to my first interaction with them and knew that they were going to be great.  They started with leather and wool headcovers.  They’ve grown into so much more, but still have headcovers at the core of their business.  The leather models are still some of their most popular products.  They have honed their craft by making some of the most durable and stylish covers on the market.  They offer them in at least 15 different “stock” styles with custom options always available.  The 3 Camo options really pop, the Grey, Orange or Red version all look fantastic.  I went with the Red ones as they match my logo colors quite well.
STITCH Camo Leather Headcovers are more than just style, they function very well on the course.  I like how pliable they come right out of the box.  Sometimes leather needs a break-in period, but not STITCH.  They are soft and supple the very first time you place them on your clubs.  I like that the Driver cover is big enough for any 460cc clubhead that it easily slides on and off, but was designed with elastic stitching to hold it on the club no matter how much bounce or wind there is.  The other covers for the 3-wood and hybrid also have that same soft leather, yet remain on the club between shots.
The STITCH Camo Leather Headcovers are hand crafted and it shows.  As you look at the details you can quickly see this isn’t a print or embroidery, but cut leather and stitched together to make a well crafted cover.  The details make it even better in person.  The leather is all hand painted on the edging so that it looks very clean and finished.  The water and weather proofing helps keep these headcovers clean from the dust, dirt and grime that can happen during a round.  Headcovers get tossed around, land on the ground, get stepped on; you name it they take a beating and they still look like new after multiple rounds.
They even play nicely with other brands

STITCH nailed it with the Camo Leather Headcovers.  While traditional camouflage might not be my thing, these STITCH Camo Leather Headcovers have me hunting birdies (and eagles).  I love how they look on my bag, I enjoy all the discussions they start and I am pleased with how they protect my clubs.  While camo is usually designed to blend in, this camo will make you stand out.  If you want to spruce up your bag, new headcover make you feel like you have a whole new set.  These will have you hunting birdies on the course.

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Quick Hits:
+Cool camo colors
+Hand crafted
+Great fit and function
+Real leather
+Water and weather resistant