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REVIEW: Stitch SL1 Stand Bag

A Modern Classic Single Strap Stand Bag
The golf bag is an important functional part of playing a round of golf. While it can often be an afterthought, it is much more than just something to carry the clubs around in. When it comes to style, it is one of the more visible items you take to the course, even if you ride on a cart. The simple, classic, retro bags are cool, but sometimes they don’t offer enough function. The modern bags have lots of tech, but sometimes lack style or class. The Stitch SL-1 offers classic style and modern function all in an amazing single strap stand bag.
When I saw Stitch launch stand bags at the 2018 PGA show, I was immediately drawn to the style.  I’ve like their headcovers since they started a few years back and still use them regularly.  This new expansion was done very well too, especially with the bright and vibrant colored bags.  I haven’t seen any company do it as well as Stitch in terms of color palette yet maintaining a classic, clean look.  They also have matching headcover in wool or leather that you can pair with these bags for the most stylish package you can take to the course.
I was really excited about the Stitch SL1 Bag in Stitch Blue and Navy.  It is an egg-shell blue with dark navy trim. They offer 11 different colors of the rainbow which all really pop.  The simple looks are uncluttered and have just a touch of trim color to not be too monochromatic.  The orange Stitch look looks sweet and the navy and white custom IGR patch is a cool touch.
Loading up the Stitch SL1 is pretty straight forward since it has only a single divider.  Between the two slots on the top, you can get a full bag of 14 clubs in easily.  While they might get tangled around each other a little, they don’t get stuck in the bag or bang around too much.  This isn’t just a “Sunday” bag, but I’ve used it for every round, riding or walking.  It didn’t fit great on a push cart, but it did work because the stand mechanism gives it enough stiffness it rides ok.  On a power cart is work perfectly and carrying it, is single strap goodness.  While many carry bags have gone to backpack straps, the single strap bag actually works pretty well.
The Stitch SL-1 has a great stand mechanism.  It is the kind where the whole base of the bag pivots and deploys the legs.  This is pretty much the standard now for stand bags.  It looks great and functions well.  The legs were a nice lightweight, thinner legs system that holds to the bag tightly when carried.  The bag also has a really nice angle for getting clubs in and out when setting on the ground.  This is surprisingly more important than one might think.  If it is too flat they are hard to get out, and too upright and the bag wants to tip over.
The Stitch SL1 has one of the more unique pocket systems.  It has two pockets that are exactly the same that are on each side of the bag and take up the lower 1/3 of each side.  They have vertical pockets that run along the spine of the bag, and then also have “secret” pockets on the top of the bigger pockets for valuables on one side and a water bottle on the other.  You might not be able to pack a 12 pack of beer in this bag, nor extra shoes and dozens of golf balls, but the necessities for a round or two easily fit in the pockets.  They are pretty easy to get to and can be utilized best for your needs.  I actually kept my rangefinder in the valuables pocket because it was really handy then whenever I needed it.

If you want a modern classic bag with great style and single strap goodness, the Stitch SL1 stand bag is awesome.  I love the looks, and the function was great for carrying or riding on a cart.  It doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as some new bags, but you do get one of the best looking bags you can buy in one of their many colors.  Grab some Stitch headcovers to match and you have one stylish and functional comb.

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Quick Hits:
+Amazing style
+Cool color options
+Excellent on course function
+Well built
+Nice pockets
+Single Strap

–Minimal dividers and pockets

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