Review: Stitch Techno Wool Headcovers

Classic style blended w/ Modern Technology
Every time I used my Stitch Wool headcovers I got asked about them.  I’ve been to 8 different courses and played with numerous different golfers and everyone loves them.  I tell them to look up Stitch Golf to get their own.  I surprisingly met one guy who had just ordered a set from them and he couldn’t wait to get his now after he saw mine.
While you have maybe never heard of Stitch Golf since they are a very new company.  They’ve had leather headcovers available for a month or so and they just launched their wool headcovers  last week. 

 They had already sold thousands of headcovers to various country clubs all around the world.  How does a new company hit the ground running so fast?  A great product at a great price made in the USA. (a few connections helped too)

First off there is no denying how cool and stylish wool pom-pom or tassel covers are.  There is just something nostalgic and cool about using them.  I’ve yet to find a single golfer, young or old that doesn’t like wool headcovers. 

So what makes these stand out over grandma’s knit covers.  First off, they are called techno wool for a reason.  They are a 80% Merino wool, 20% Acrylic blend that stretches to accommodate the club head, yet maintains its form  round after round.  You can also notice the quality in the tightness of the knit.  Sometimes wool headcovers look like they used huge yarn and have big holes between the weave.  Not with the Stitch covers, they are tightly woven and from color to color they look seamless.  Along with the excellent production points they are also long, just like a good wool cover should be.  It protects the club and shaft well even into the bag.

Another key factor in creating their early popularity is the price.  If you’ve ever went on the prowl to purchase a set of wool headcover I would imagine that you’ve suffered a little sticker shock.  I know I did the first time.  A whole set was going to cost more than the clubs they were covering (Ok not quite that much, but over budget for most golfers).  Stitch is able to keep the price lower by the volume they produce.  You can get a whole set of 4 for under $100.  No one else is even close to that price.  (at least last time I checked)

Another little factor that I really liked is that you get a set of 4 depending on the makeup of your bag, you can actually remove the tassel or pom-pom and put it on one of the other covers.  For example my headcover set came with tassels on the driver, 3-wood and 5-wood cover, but not on the hybrid cover.  So I untied it from the 5-wood cover, since I don’t use one, and tied it to the hybrid cover.  It looks great, just like it came that way from the factory.

There really is nothing negative to say about the Stitch Techno Wool Headcovers.  Maybe their selection is slim right now in their online store, but give them a few weeks and you will start seeing every color and style you could ever want.  If not send them an email, Charlie Burgwyn (one of the owners) is great to talk to and really helpful.  So if you want stylish, durable, quality, great priced wool headcovers, made in the USA, check out Stitch Golf.

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Quick Hits
+Retro Style
+Techno Quality
+Excellent Price
+Made in the USA
+Changeable tassels/pom-poms