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Stix Makes Golf Fun, Affordable and Sooo Good Looking

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I played a full bag of Stix Golf clubs for 5 rounds of golf.  I shot a low round for 2023 and was very happy with the performance of this set of clubs.   The basic premise behind Stix is to make premium clubs without a premium price and I have to say that they hit the mark with these clubs.  It is a full 14 club set with a stand bag to boot.    

This is the my Stix Golf Club Set and Bag Review for 2023.


Golf is hard and expensive.  One or both of those reasons keep people from enjoying the game of golf.  Stix offers a 14 club set and bag for what most manufactures now sell a set of irons for: $1200.  While this price point might not be “cheap” but certainly much less than that $3000+ it takes to get into an OEM set with a bag.  Low cost isn’t all that Stix offers; their clubs perform.  I’ve been impressed by how fun these clubs were to hit on the course.  They don’t necessarily dominate in any one category, they simply do everything pretty well.  I’ll dive into the performance more below.  The biggest surprise came with the reactions of other golfers.  They were drooling over these clubs and how good they looked.  I know other “websites” tell you looks don’t matter, and that is true on performance, but not necessarily on sales.  Random golfers loved the looks of these clubs and when they heard the price, they were impressed.  Stix makes golf fun, affordable and sooo good looking.

14 Club Set

Stix Golf sells their clubs as “box sets”.  While I’ve been a big proponent of getting fit and buying custom clubs or at least getting the best possible stock options; that applies to serious and dedicated golfers.  If you golf less than 12 times a year, and rarely go to the range, a Stix box set will be perfect; especially at the price point.  Why have so much money tied up in clubs that don’t get the use they should?  If Stix can get you playing more or get someone introduced to the game of golf at an affordable price point, they have done their job.  I will also say, it looks cool having everything match.  I see guys doing it all the time with other OEM brands so obviously this concept fits many golfers eyes.  The Stix clubs are soo good looking which makes it even better.

Driver and Woods

The Stix Golf Club set comes with driver, 3-wood, 5-wood and 4 hybrid.  While this isn’t my normal set up, I played really well with this combination.  It also is an easy-to-hit combination of clubs for new golfers and higher handicap golfers.  The driver is a sleek, basic 10.5 driver with a slightly closed face.  It found it to be lightweight and incredibly easy to hit straight.  The trajectory was nice and the ball went straight repeatedly.  It has a good metallic sound and was VERY forgiving.  It really is exactly what a new golfer needs.  The 3-wood and 5-wood have some serious pop.  They go high and straight.  They have a shallow face which is easy to lift the ball off the tee or out of the rough.  The 4 hybrid matches the woods and is also a high launching forgiving club.  The woods are exactly what most golfers need: high launch, lightweight, straight and good distance.  My only real knock on Stix is their wood headcovers are too hard to get on and off.  They offer great protection, but the very narrow neck without enough stretch makes them too difficult to install and remove.  I’d love to see a more traditional design on these.  The look cool, but don’t function as well as they should.


The Stix Golf Club set comes with irons 5-PW.  They are a deep cavity-back iron that offers outstanding forgiveness without looking clunky or super game improvement.  I would put them in the more general game improvement section, but look like a players iron.  Their compact look hides amazing forgiveness.  They are much like the woods in terms of high launch, straight hitting and lightweight.  The graphite shafts are light, but surprisingly stable.  All of this comes in one of nicest looking black irons.  The finish is also pretty durable.  These appear to hold up well swing after swing. Distance was solid, not WOW, but very comparable to similar irons.


The Stix Golf Club set comes with the 3 standard wedge lofts of 52, 56, and 60.  At first glance they look like any other OEM wedge.  I also found these clean looking wedges in black very easy to hit and surprisingly accurate.  They have a nice feel and good spin.  Again they aren’t going to out perform the top wedges, they will hold their own.  I found them easy to hit out of the rough and created enough spin to get the ball close to the hole for numerous up and downs.


The Stix Golf putter is a very nice milled putter that has a unique design that blends both aspects of a blade and mallet putter.  This offers golfer the feel and weight at the face with enough “mass” in the back to make it balanced and forgiving.  The single alignment line on the top of the face made it easy to line up.  The plumbers neck works great for an arch stroke.  It felt soft off the face, but still solid with the all metal milled face.  I had good success with it on the greens.  It looked really good and performed well.  The oversized grip was also a really nice touch on this club.  The headcover is outstanding with its strong magnet making it easy to take on and off without worrying about it falling off.

Stand Bag

The Stix Golf bag is great looking with its dark grey heathered look and red/orange zipper pulls and black trim.  It offers much more than just looks, but really good pockets.  They all open easily and have plenty of space.  The spine pockets can hold all the main things you need during a round.  There is an insulated water bottle holder and there are full length side pockets to carry a coat or rain gear.  The valuables pocket will keep your phone safe too.  The 5-way top works well for keeping clubs separate while allowing them to go in and out easily.  The stand mechanism is easy to employ although the bag sits at too flat of an angle for my preference.  I always wonder if the legs are breaking (they aren’t) it just looks so stretched.  The dual shoulder straps balance the bag nicely and comfortably while walking 18 holes.


While Stix Golf is a “box set” brand, they offer a number of options to fit your needs and budget.  You can get a 14 club set (like I did) or an 11 club set or 9 club set.  If you are just beginning, you don’t need all 14 clubs; the smaller sets will work just fine.  You can get their irons in black of silver.  You can even get an individual club to try if you are uncertain.  They even sell slightly used clubs which offers even more savings.  They have a gear section that allows you get everything else you might need for a round of golf like, balls, tees, gloves, GPS, etc.  Most of these items come from other well known brands like Garmin, Vice, and Sunday Golf.  It really is a one stop shop for your golfing needs.


Stix Golf nailed the looks category.  Their minimalist logo, they classic design and hidden forgiveness make these some of the nicest looking clubs you can buy; period.  They offer performance to match with lots of forgiveness, easy to launch and very straight.  I was pleasantly surprised by their quality and performance.  I received many compliments about the looks of these irons.  I believe that golfers are going to be happy with the price and the performance.  The aim is the newbie and casual golfers. They make a great starter set or upgrade to 10 year old clubs.  Stix Golf makes golf fun, affordable and sooo good looking.

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Stix Golf Club Set and Bag – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Stix Golf is committed to making premium clubs without the premium price. I think they nailed it with these fun, easy to hit, affordable clubs that look amazing.

  • ✅  Pros: Lighweight, Great looks, Forgiving, High launching, Durable finish, Starter set options.

  • ⛔  Cons: Wood headcovers.

  • ⛳  Verdict: If you want to spend a little less yet get new, great looking and excellent performing clubs that all match, Stix is a great option to introduce someone to the game. It certainly doen't look like a "box set" nor does it perform like one. High quality, outstand looks and a great price makes Stix golf worth looking at.


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