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Fun, Edgy and a Little Inappropriate

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Stripe It Golf Apparel is a brand new casual golf apparel company.  They are more of an off-course brand than apparel you’d wear while playing 18 holes at a country club.  They offer a wide assortment of fun, edgy and a little inappropriate T-shirt designs.  They have a couple other items like hoodies, hats, towels and ball markers to compliment their T-shirts.   I wore their T-shirts off the course to see friends and families reactions.

 This is the definitive Stripe It Golf Apparel Review for 2023.

Golf and golf apparel can be rather stuffy.  While I like a classic polo, khakis and sharp pair of saddle shoes; that doesn’t appeal to everyone.  Sometimes we’d like to wear a T-shirt and shorts while playing a round of golf with the guys.  Off the course I often wear golf apparel too, so having something more casual and fun is kind of nice change of pace.  Stripe It Golf apparel takes the casual, fun, edgy and a little inappropriate idea and runs.  It really is up to you how tame or wild you want to get with their T-shirt art.

The T-Shirt

Every Stripe It Golf T-Shirt starts with a base Bella + Canvas brand shirt.  These ring-spun combed cotton T-shirts are my favorite.  I have other non-golf brands that screen print on Bella+Canvas and they are the most comfortable T-shirts I’ve ever worn.  The fit is comfortable, relaxed and casual.  Sizing is spot on and they withstand shrinkage after many washes. They come in multiple colors and sizes. This a great starting point for Stripe It Golf. 


Stripe It Golf‘s goal is to make golf apparel fun.  While this casual approach can certainly alleviate that stuffy look and feeling that polos have.  If you want something simple and fun, Stripe It Golf offers logo’d T-shirts with just their branding on it.  The slogan/logo is named after hitting a good drive right down the middle of the fairway or “mower stripes” meaning you “striped it”  They have plenty of  logo only shirts.  While they are simple, they are fun and casual.   I also paired a Stripe It Golf bucket hat with this T-shirt for the most casual look.  It too had a simple script logo and screams causal, fun golfer.  I’m not certain I’m a bucket hat golfer, but the sun protection sure is nice in AZ.


Stripe It Golf offers some funny and creative screen print art on their T-shirts.  Things like Bogey Blvd, Club Junkie, Bird Man, etc.  These shirts usually make fun of your own golf game and own the mistakes/problems you have on the golf course.  I really like the fact that we don’t need to take ourselves so serious.  I want to play good golf as much as anyone, but having a few bogeys during a round of golf is ok, especially if you don’t make a living playing golf.

A Little Inappropriate

Stripe it Golf apparel pushes the envelope of graphic art I would wear in public.  While most of the graphics are funny and nothing you wouldn’t see at the beach or in other ways, the innuendos attached with the screen print art were a bit beyond my comfort zone.  I know many golfers say and act inappropriately on the course anyway so I’m sure many would wear something off the course and think it is funny. (and some of these shirts are truly funny)  However I’m not one of those golfers, so I’ll be sticking to the fun and edgy shirts.


If you want to show off a casual golf look, some fun and edgy t-shirt art or even be a little inappropriate, then Stripe It Golf offers really nice T-shirts which are a nice addition to your golf wardrobe.  I’m sure not every country club is going to adopt a casual approach to golf apparel anytime soon, but those clubs that have gone to a more casual\fun approach to golf style will appreciate these t-shirts.  Stripe It Golf shirts are fun, edgy, a little inappropriate and as comfortable as it gets.

For more information: Stripe It Golf Website

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